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HGH cream Herbs

HGH cream Herbs

I was wondering if the application of some sort of HGH (human growth hormone) to the penis has ever been effective. Does anyone take any kind of HGH in pill form thats effective?? I know of people who have had to take hgh shots because of their heigth and such, and have ended up with 9” dicks (no really, I’m not kidding), but the shots are given around the pubic area, so the hormone goes right to the penis first.

Interesting I thought.


I’m currently researching natural HGH releasers, and HGH triggers and such. This is a good topic. I’d be interested to know also about this.

Can you give us a link showing HGH and size correlations? I can imagine it occuring in hormone deficient pre/mid pubescents, but surely not in adults(?)

HGH is a large molecule (approx 22,125 daltons). Anything bigger than about 1000 daltons is a no go for a cream. In fact for useful percentages you should stay under about 600 daltons molecular weight.

Another thing is it’s not very stable. Once reconstituted from powder it’ll only last a couple of days.

Another thing is… It remains active in the body for just minutes before it’s neutralised.

So what do we have left? Well, we could use Insulin-like Growth Factor or IGF (produced as a result of HGH peaks). This too doesn’t last very long (a few hours), but there is a synthetic version which is a modified molecule that stops it being bound by the IGF binding protein (IGFBP). There are also supplements that claim to raise HGH (Fountain of Youth) though whether this will do anything significant for PE is unknown. You’ve got to remember that when you increase HGH you can not only grow the good stuff, but it’ll help along any mutations you may have. The origin of the above link was to use it with a calorie restricted diet (eat once per day) in order to provoke repair but not growth. Taking the advice out of context may yield different results.

I’ve tried Long R3 IGF-1 (delt shots) but with no significant effect PE wise.

Finally, if you see any pills or oral sprays that claim to contain HGH (or hGH as they’re so fond of calling it - it’s something different), then run away. And yes, I was scammed by those too!

HGH is used by many pro bodybuilders to increase muscle mass. It makes pretty much everything grow though including internal organs, so I’m sure it could make a dick grow.

- There are many side effects, including enlargement of internal organs, inter-cranial hypertension (buildup of fluid in the brain), hypoglycemia, etc
- The creams and sprays you see for sale with GH in are legal because they contain an insignificant concentration of the substance.. By law, 2000ug or less. That’s nothing, a 40yo secretes 200,000ug of HGH per day!
- Producing HGH is incredibly expensive, to get an appreciable amount you would have to pay thousands of dollars. The cheaper way to get it is from the glands of corpses, this is how it was obtained before recombinant DNA techniques we’re developed. Only catch is, you stand to get CJD (your brain turns to sponge and you die, no cure) and a whole host of other diseases from the corpse HGH.
- HGH has to be injected to be of any use as it is a fragile amino acid, your whole body would be affected, for better or worse.

Perhaps there are ways to increase your natural HGH production but I would be VERY doubtful as I’m sure that area has been investigated thoroughly - due to the extreme cost of HGH, any easy way to increase your natural levels would reduce the necessary dosage required and save LOTS of money.

Surgery would be cheaper, safer, and probably more effective.

Hey, first post. Been registered here since september 04, but I’ve just been reading mainly.

Much has been made of the Homeopathic HGH, which stimulate the glands to produce the hormone(?). I’ve tried them but the only thing I’ve noticed is my fingernails grow more quickly!


Originally Posted by petitfaun
I’ve tried them but the only thing I’ve noticed is my fingernails grow more quickly!

I’ve always wanted something that does that. lol.

Boogie Man,

I don’t see ingredients on that site, did I miss them?

If you want to know more about HGH and some of the various methods of dosing try they list several products, and give the formula, the methods of taking it and the various tyes .

Pricing is listed for each producrt and they are way below $97.


Here’s the one that I’ve ordered from

S&G’s - I didn’t see it yet either - just barely stubled onto the site. I’ll report back if I find it - just wanted to get it out there for your info :)

I’ll let you know what I find shortly.

Boogie Man,

I don’t see the ingredients either for bodybuilding. These sites are shady! :cuss:

I hope you get a good product. Let me know if I’m missing something.

No man, you missed it - BB one is on the left side of the page.

What’s In It?
Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 0.5 ml
Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving:

Proprietary Blend: 0.5ml
(Lotion, distilled water, corn oil, cetiol B, cetyl alcohol, vitamin E, almond oil flavor, L-tryptophan, xanthan gum, methylparaben, propylparaben, L-histidine HCL, L-glutamic acid HCL, glycine, L-phenylalanine, L-lysine, L-arginine HCL, L-leucine HCL, L-Proline, L-alanine, L-serine, L-aspartic acid.

Directions: Shake well before using. Apply 1 dropper (0.5ml) to wrist and inner forearms morning, afternoon (1-2 times), and one hour before bed. Take for 5 days then two days off for a period of 8 weeks. Take 2 weeks off, then repeat cycle.

For the other one at Muscle Extreme - I called them and spoke to a guy there who said their patent office said to take that part off the web but that the ingredients are on the bottle. We had a pretty good conversation and I feel more comfortable about trying the product. The only thing I don’t like is that to get a refund (if I don’t like it), I’d need the blood test before and after to show no increase in IGF-1. I do like that they target IGF-1 increase though.

Looks like it’s not much more than Amino Acids which you can buy in capsule form.
(or possibly available as milk protein

Perhaps Shiver might be able to give an opinion on the other ingredients.

My understanding is that you get more absorption from transdermal delievery then you do pill form. Additionally, I think folks were wondering if it’s applied to the Penis if you’d gain anything.

My experience is that in the last two months of applying the version to my penis is not much. I thought I may have gained a little but it’s been fluctuating lately so I don’t really want to announce growth.

I’m 41. Some of the younger members may experience something different.

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