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HGH and PE

HGH and PE

As a bodybuilder, I have access to and a couple of times a year use several medications. And no, before anyone asks AAS will not make your penis grow. Winstrol will if it’s taken during puberty, but not afterwards. Too bad I didn’t know my wonderful doctor back then, she’ll give me anything I need. As I grow bigger, it makes the little guy look smaller. I’ve been doing PE regularly for a month. I’m still waiting on permanent results and will keep doing the work.

I don’t use Human Growth Hormone for a few reasons.
>It can give you a “GH Gut”, the big distended abdomen that you see on today’s top professionals.
>It can cause cranial enlargement and jaw enlargement. Those big heads you see on the top professionals.
>It can cause joint enlargement including developing huge hands and feet.

One thing I simply cannot find an answer to though, will it make the penis grow?

If the answer is yes, then I’d be willing to see the doc to add HGH to a cycle. If the answer is no, then of course the other side effects are simply unwarranted since I’ll never compete and just do bodybuilding for me. Oh and before anyone complains and warns me of the dangers I only use injectables to bypass the liver. The orals are the dangerous ones. I get my blood work and general health profile checked monthly while “on”. And I don’t use anything without a valid prescription from a licensed physician.

So, back to the question. Does anyone know if using HGH in addition to PE will help increase penis size.

Just look at the big headed ,huge jawed, muscle makers with abnormally large hands.

Do you see any with big bulges?

I haven’t either… . . So there you go.

If taken during puberty, perhaps maybe possibly, but I have a funny feeling you aren’t going through puberty anymore.

Looks like your stuck with the rest of us, welcome to the rest of us who missed that bus.

Darn it.

I just ended a cycle, im on pct right now. Doubt the hgh does anything, never done it..Too bad I didnt know about winstrol when I was going through puberty..but I am 21, so maybe I can still get something out of it? What do you think?

I did a cycle a little while ago and the test and deca allowed my dick to heal faster. I gained about a .5 an inch(length) in a 12 week cycle. Any type of test will cause growth during puberty. Hgh and steroids will definatly not have a negitive effect on pe.

I read the “underground steroid book” about 20 years ago and it said it makes everything grow - except your cock.

I wonder if just lifting weights during puberty can increase your testosterone levels and consequently it will make your dick grow?

Whalmak, Nope. It’s too late for that one.

Ishot2pac, never did PE on cycle yet. You are right they will help you heal better from everything, I never tried it on cycle since I’m a total newbie to PE.

I only started PE a month ago and am only on Nolva for PCT. I discovered it by accident trying to use a pump for erection assistance. The pump didn’t create an erection but I noticed something else. When the cialis kicked in, so did she.

I know that with decadick, it may be hard to do the 80% erect jelq. Got to make sure the test dosage is up there high enough.

All4show, no the gear won’t make it grow. I just wondered about HGH.

Lifting during puberty will increase test more than it normally would be which is pretty damn high on it’s own. Puberty is the best time for weight training with amazing natrual muscle gains. They get harder when you get old like me, but endogenous test will not cause PE chemically at any age.

Somehow, size is determined by genetics and partially by the mother’s test level during the few days that your future gender is determined in the zygote/pre-fetus stage.

This is an interesting topic. I hope anyone with actual experience with GH has a chance to give it a look. It would be interesting to know how effective it is with PE or without PE at penis growth.

It seems that with GH, insulin, IGF1, T3 all going in the system, along with whatever the androgen stack of choice is - a proper GH cycle, the penis would about have to grow.if the cranium, hands, feet, and mandible are all growing too. I’m not about to lay out a grand for good American growth just to find out though. Unless someone else knows for sure it works. Then I’d buy it and use it in a heartbeat.

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Originally Posted by littlehobo

All4show, no the gear won’t make it grow. I just wondered about HGH.

I was talking about HGH and the book specifically said HGH did not make it grow.

All4show, my apologies. I didn’t know it was discussed in that old book. Now we have an answer.darn it. If they knew back then that it didn’t work, the answer should have been easier to find today.

Thanks for the information. You’ve a>broken my heart and dashed my hopes. And b>saved me a shitload of money.


Have you ever read that book? You can still buy a copy. I had a friend give me a photo copy of the entire book and then some one stole it from me. It was pretty no nonsense. It talked about some stuff gave you erections all of the time etc…

It is so funny listening to the Steroid problems with MLB. I had that book in high school in 1983 and I was tested in college football in 1986.

No, not he original. I’ve ordered the new one, “The ultimate Anabolic resource guide 2006”. And I’ve got “building the perfect beast”. The problem I have with “beast” is the heavy use of orals.

No way, no how, not ever. I’ve only got one liver. I’d like to keep it. Even var made my enzymes go up unacceptably. And they give that stuff to little girls without hurting them.

I’m familiar with the erection stuff, cabaser is great. Cialis is OK, Viagra doesn’t work for me. However, I didn’t go into full detail. I got into bodybuilding as part of my recovery. I have MS and it put me in a wheelchair Sept 25, 2003. I didn’t stay long, and am now fit enough that if I keep the CNS going, I’ll never be in another WC. Now at a bit over 200, 9% body fat. My legs are strong enough and I’m happy. The gear for extra growth is also to help fight overtraining and helps my CNS out. I told you I was being assisted by a physician. The impotence comes from the MS, not the deca. I always make sure to use at least 20% more test than deca. Sometimes the little guy works, sometimes he doesn’t.

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