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Hey Sunny

Hey Sunny

I have great appreciation for your profession - Physical Therapy. I think you guys are doing a wonderful sacred job. A while back I had a knee problem which miraculously went away after I exercised with the guidance of my PT. I have been so grateful ever since.

Anyway now I have a Shoulder injury, a sharp pain when I lift my arm to the side or backward. It’s been hurting for 3 months and seem to get worse although I started Physical Therapy a month ago on doc’s order.
The PT is a great guy, he says it’s both occupational (20+yrs of practice as a dentist) and overtraining with weights (too much work on arms and chest, leaving the shoulder muscles weak). He gave me a whole set of exercises, some of them with TheraBand, others with light weights, and said it will take a long time to recovery.

I think I am on the right track but would very much like to hear your opinion . Any advice you can give will be great.

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I have the exact same problem! (right shoulder).
Was hoping it would just go away by taking anti-inflammatory medication, but it’s been around for a few months now :(
Time to go see my doc.


WillB7—you didn’t say what type of exercises the PT gave you, but trust his judgements here. It sounds from the description that you gave me, that the injury may be, but not necessarily, a torn rotator cuff. Those usually, most frequently, cause pain when you take your arm out to the side or backwards. Does it hurt when you turn your arm to either the inside or outside? If it is a rotator cuff you will notice pain when you rotate your arm.

Most shoulder injuries do take more time to heal simply because of the complexities of the musculature. That and we use the shoulder quite a bit in daily life. You did not state which arm it was, so I will go under the impression that it is the one that is your dominate side. Just follow what your PT has developed for you and you should start to see an improvement in a week or two. They will be small gains but gains none the less. (kinda like gains in PE—slow)

PEnister— go to the doctor.

Both of you keep me and the rest of the board informed and up to date on your progress.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


Thank you for the quick response. No pain upon rotation (I remember being asked that question) so it’s not a torn rotator cuff. He diagnosed a Biceps tendon involvement though. My whole right (dominant) arm and shoulder are a mess… But I do have complete confidence in the PT (btw, he knows the problem first hand since he had a traumatic shoulder injury as a paratrooper), and patience too (realizing it’s my only option).
I don’t expect it to completely heal in less than six months and am prepared to work hard and see small gains at a time - yes you are right it is like PE :)

The exercises the PT gave me:

Strengthening of muscles (supraspinatus and others):

  • Hook a TheraBand strip on a door handle, hold both sides and stretch backward with shoulder blades rotated backward. Hold 5sec and release slowly. 3 sets of 15 reps.
  • Same as above, but TheraBand is hanging from top of the door.
  • Lean on a bench, support with hand and knee, and lift a 3kg weight with other hand, straight elbow and shoulder far from ear and raised high. Hold 3 sec and repeat 15 times, 4 sets.
  • Same as above, only bend elbow and follow the motion with eyes.

Increase flexibility:
  • ”Cat” - stand on four and arch back as a cat.
  • Stand on four and move arm to opposite side, shoulder almost touching the floor.
  • Neck stretch: Hold head with hand above opposite ear and flex. repeat for other side.
  • Biceps stretch: Hold a towel with both hands behind back and raise with stretched arms.
  • Put palm of hand on the wall, straight hand fingers pointing down and rotate body in opposite direction.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress :) :)

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Sounds good. Yup, bicipital tendionitis is no fun at all, but will heal. You are lucky in that your therapist has had this injury and truly understands the process in healing.

403 does have a torn cuff on the right and we suspect a tear on the left. He is trying to out run the surgeons and as long as he does his exercises with the theraband he just might win the race. I don’t ride his backside either, he has to do this all on his own. I make sure he is doing them correctly :)

Keep me posted.

Oh, and PEnister, have you been to the doc yet?

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


No, I haven’t… Reading your description of “rotator cuff injury” it sounds awfully familiar. blah.


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go to the doctor penister :)

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

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