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Herbs to make me lust after my wife again


Gentlemen I have heard of countless tales of couples who have had a child and no longer feel the same way about their partner like they used to (sexually) Both partners can be unsure of how they feel about each other in their relationship your both now responsible for another life, a life you have both created, have you wondered what your partner is thinking, feeling lildemon? if your not desiring her like you used to do you think she may have noticed? What if she was to start questioning her sex appeal? what if she was to think he no longer wants me, I refer you to your above post “Yes. other women turn me on..” Your lack of desire I would put down to the fact that the relationship has now changed and new responsibilities are coming into play, but the more you worry about things and stress about this and that the more your mind is not going to want to engage in sex (yes our minds are complex trust me) Have a quiet moment with just the two of you seduce each other I am not saying have sex but give each other an erotic massage after a romantic meal get to know each other as parents of a child. I am not as eloquent as I would like to be but I hope this has made sense.

Great post Aaron

Good stuff Aaron, thank you for some insights.

Zinc and magnesium. I have test results in my thread how much it was boosted. Who knows you might be deficient too.

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Just a personal opinion but alcohol helps me with sex drive. Not much just a little. Worth a try?

Always be cool.

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Basically I written the similar things to that what Aron has stated before sex and priorities change over time for both in a married couple so it is had to maintain the the same level of interest in a long term relationship. My marriage was the same going though period of lust and flat periods basically ignoring each other for weeks at the time.
Many many factors come into play some of them already mentioned here although some cultures men rely on herbs not just for sex but for general use mainly for stamina and strength mental focus and relaxation these factors are influential in anyone healthy relationship with their partners
A happy life is a happy sexual life as well.

Stacking is a problem and may not be suggested as herbs and other suppls may cancel each other effects so it is best to try them on their own for a period of time to see the real effect on one’s mind and body.
Tribulus Terrestris
Korean Gingseng
American Gingseng or Panax
Ashwaganda or Withania Somnifera
Siberian gingseng
Some people may argue that the above do not do anything but one must not forget the dosages sizes, freshness and quality of the herbs are very important.
Tablets are generally filled with other substances and capsules sometimes are relatively minimal safe dosages which may not be entirely relevant to the person cunsuming the herb.

Stop watching porn entirely and stop masturbating. Exercise regularly and flirt with her even if you don’t mean it at first. Oh, and celery seed, 1 tsp a day, a small amount of zinc, and a B vitamin supplement. That will do it. Good luck with the no porn thing…

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Originally Posted by determination

Stop watching porn entirely and stop masturbating. Exercise regularly and flirt with her even if you don’t mean it at first. Oh, and celery seed, 1 tsp a day, a small amount of zinc, and a B vitamin supplement. That will do it. Good luck with the no porn thing…

I think you better read the title and applying the KISS principle your not suggesting any herbs at all in fact, what you have it has been suggested and commented elsewhere on this subforum and forum

You don’t need any supplements or herbs my friend.

You need to take the focus away from sex completely and start doing the little things again.

Focus on why you fell in love with her, do things together that ease the stress in your lives, keep talk between you to small and happy talk, and “act happy”.

Your libido can be helped with almost anything that improves blood flow, but it’s your self-esteem and interest in being with her that will help your relationship.

You’re going to have times where you aren’t attracted to her like you esed to be, it ebbs and flows. Do as I suggest and I promise you will want each other like you did before.

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TGD is right there is a relationship problem that must be sorted before supps or herbs can be used

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What he fails to realize like all other married couples is that you’re going to lose attraction for your spouse at some point and not want sex WITH HER. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, and I am certainly not advising anyone ruin their marriage for an affair. No, what it happening here is likely the coolige affect.

That is you put two male and female mice together and they’re going to fuck until he tires out. But if you remove the old female and drop in an new female he will fuck her with a renwed passion like before. You can keep doing this until the male dies from exhaustion after about a week or so. Interesting to say the least.

Originally Posted by lildemon
Yes, other women turn me on.. Very much so.. That could be a problem (never acted on it, though).

We also just had a baby (we’ll technically, she did), and I know that can lower T levels. But I feel it may be psychological. Any advice from longtimers with their wives?

Like Lildemon said here he’s just had a baby and therefore fullfilled his biological breeding need with his wife. Now he finds he less attractive without intending to. And for good reason, the baby comes first for a good amount of time until it’s old enough to surpass the chances of dying from infantile disease like SIDS or whooping cough,

I’ve talked to quite a few others on a marriage forum who have had the same problem after having a baby and it’s not from a lack of testosterone or blood flow to the penis. LilDemon if you want to have sex with your wife again like before and not go through a nasty divorce and custody trial due to an affair, you’re going to have to drop your expectations and be happy with a platonic romance for the time being. Take it back to step one and romance your wife by doing small things that reduce her stress daily like take over some of the feeding times and change diapers so she doesn’t have to. If you can try to arrange a time every day where you can come home from work and take over so she can have an hour or two free. Just because you’re not saying “I love you” every ten minutes or bringing home flowers doesn’t mean you’re failing. Sometimes all it takes is saying little nice things like how beautiful she looks (when she’s self conscious from havig the baby), and agreeing with her to avoid unnecessary fights, is all it takes to spark the romance again. If you act like you are in love with her even when you’re doubting your feelings, over time you will feel like you love her with all your heart. All you have to do is look past the selfish ego that says she’s not pretty or nice anymore and remind yourself you married her for better or worse God Dammit…… You can make it through this time and have an even better marriage after.

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I think it’s funny seeing brothers on Thunder’s saying herbs can’t work since there are not medical studies that show they do. People saying that when they pulled on their dick with milking motion it grew — must be true. People saying that when they ate certain herbs they got more libidinous — bro science.

Just because these herbs haven’t been scientificly doesn’t mean they don’t work. Big pharma doesn’t like these alternative treatments because they are cheap and can’t make any real money from them and they will always knock them down saying they are dangerous.

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I am taking 200mg of standardized Ginseng per day for over 20 years. The initial reason was raising the focus and concentration ability during the exam periods of the studies.

I noticed several effects:
- focus ability raised
- perception ability raised
- rarely getting sick, maybe 6-8 times the flu over all these years
- very fast recovery after intense physical and psychological stress periods
- quiet mind, it is harder to rattle my emotional limits
- libido is stable in high level

Now all this is quite complex and mixes with personality, experiences made and general fitness. But the libido status is quite amazing to me. I had some Coolidge effect phases with my women too and I consider it natural. I did talk things out and until now we allways were able to get the spark back in love life.

I rather think it is a mind thing, so in my opinion communication and restarting to court your wife could well work.

Doesn’t speak against Ginseng, but Ginseng does not cure relationships. Just to set expectations right.

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