herbal supplements amount,time and frequency

I started this new thread in the hope of shedding some light regarding amount dosage and ideal time to take some herbal product would that be teas or powder form.

I have been to Brazil, Peru and Bolivia myself from the region (Argentina) and the amount served are by the teaspoon or half teaspoon sometimes tablespoons

I recently been to South Asia people there make small paper scoops about a teaspoon size and drink the stuff with water . Forget capsules or measures they don’t exists.

That apply to Maca, Muira Puama, Damiana, Ashwagandha strangely enough these are taken for stamina and endurance not in a sexual way but workwise naturally has a sexual benefits but that is not their main point.

As far as best time to take them it varies with the herbs for instance ashwagandha is supposed to be taken mid or early afternoon Maca some say at night when the body rests the same can be assumed for ashawagandha as it has a mild sedative effect.

What do you guys say I love to read your comments.