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Help with ANDRACTIM routine


Help with ANDRACTIM routine

Hi everyone , I’m italian and I’m 26 years old. I will start soon to use ANDRACTIM supplement to my routine. I’ll buy it from internet and I need information about the routine, to avoid injuries (prostate cancer , hair loss ,shrinking testicles ):

1) what is the daily doses ?

2)How many days a week ?

3)how many weeks or months is the therapy ?

4)how often I must have a break during the terapy to rest my body?

My size are 19 cm (7.48 inches ) in lenght and 13 cm (5.11 inches ) in girth
I’m fully satisfied with my lenght, I do not need more , but I want to increase my GIRTH . My goal is 14 - 15 cm in ghirt

My routine is “Newbie routin” , plus clamping and Bathmate

Sorry for my english :)

Hi LupinIII.

Andractim is a steroid: do you have a medical prescription for that? I doubt it is 100% kosher for this forum giving advices on how to use steroids. So said, andractim will not make your penis bigger in any way. It is also pretty unuseful as far as muscle growth is concerned. Andractim is mostly used to treat gynecomastia.

If you are doing the newbie routine, adding clamping and bathmate is not a wise choice.

I know wath you say , but I must do something for my ghirt, it’s a big problem for me. There is a lot of peaple in this forum that use Andractim !

Looked a post of that steroid on PEGym yesterday. No gains related. What was interesting was that a user started to shit blood.

Sounds good, ¡ lets corrupt our hormonal balance, waste a lot of money, have no gains, and shit blood !. Yeah, its so good to do Andractim. ;)


Maybe there is something lost here: Andractim, neither other steroids or known substances, don’t give more or faster size gains, Lupin.

Nè andractim nè altri steroidi danno aumenti di misura del pene. Gli steroidi possono influenzare la misura del pene solo prima dellà pubertà, dopo non fanno nulla.

Marinera , you are italian too , do you know dottor Carlo Rando from Milan ? He prescribes Andractim and arginina , combined with manual exercise, extender and vacuum Pump , but he want 5000 euro to be followed by him

I don’t know him, but if what you are saying is true, than this Doctor is full of shit.

Non lo conosco, ma se è vero quello ke dici credo che non capisca un cazzo questo dottore.

5000 euro.. That is really funny this doctor must be taken to court!!

DHT is only prescribed to young adults during puberty if develop problem with low testosterone or delay growth. For PE is useless and money waste


you signed near 2 years ago. What have you done since then? You still are on the newbie routine? And now you are hoping that a drug will magically make grow your penis in a matter of weeks or what? Please explain.

And don’t go to panic:

Originally Posted by lupinIII
My size are 19 cm (7.48 inches ) in lenght and 13 cm (5.11 inches ) in girth
I’m fully satisfied with my lenght, I do not need more , but I want to increase my GIRTH . My goal is 14 - 15 cm in ghirt

You are pretty big.

Cos’hai fatto in questi 2 anni da quando ti sei registrato? Come mai ancora sulla routine per i novizi? Le tue misure son buone, non capisco il tuo panico.

Scusa , ti scrivo in italiano, all’ inizio mi ero iscritto perche’ volevo sapere se c’erano esperienze di persone che avevano fatto la falloplastica o che avevano avuto successo con gli esercizi. Ho provato a fare gli esercizi ma mi manca la costanza perche’ perdo fiducia e anche perche’ avendo casa in affitto in un’ altra citta’ insieme ad altri studenti , non ho molta privacy. Ultimamente ho ricominziato il PE dopo che ho comprato il bathmate.

Lupin, fammi un favore, continuiamo questa discussione nel thread italiano.

Lupin, let’s continue this discussion in the Italian thread, since Italian is easier for both.

My panic is that the lenght is not important over certain level, but women want girth , at least 15-16 cm

At least 6.3”? If that was true, the Human race was risking extinciton. Lupin, have you ever had sex with a woman?

Se fosse vero la razza umana rischierebbe l’estinzione. Hai mai avuto rapporti sessuali con una donna, Lupin?

Si , e molte (soprattutto le ragazze spagnole in erasmus a Barcellona) mi hanno detto che con I loro precedenti ragazzi , impugnando il pene, l ’ indice e il pollice non si toccavano, facendo 2 conti conti vengono quelle misure come circonferenza . Non puo’ essere una coincidenza

Yes, and many (expecially girl when I was ersmus student in Barcellona ) have told me that with their previous children, holding his penis, the ‘index finger and thumb did not touch, doing two calculation results this measures ! Or I was unlike and I met only bitches :)

Listen, your girth is over the average, you don’t have a tiny penis. Do the newbie routine for some months and you’ll notice improvements. If length is ok for you, than you can even cut stretches and do only jelqs and Kegel’s - this will not require much time or privacy. If still you have problems finding time for PE, you can even switch to dry jelqs - they require about maybe 10 minutes per session.

You don’t need phalloplasty, drugs or antything else. And don’t create to yourslef problems that you don’t have: you do have a big dick.

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