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Help please

Help please

Hello everyone,

I´m taking L-arginine and i don´t know when do i have to take it before meal or after meal, when i wakeup or when i go to bed i´m taking 2 pills in the morning every day since saturday.

could you help me about when i have to take it.

adios amigos

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That probably depends upon the desired effect. I take 2 - 3 grams at bedtime along with 3 grams of glutamine and sometimes some GABA. But I take it to boost HGH which is a hormone which is supposed to retard aging. You are probably taking it to boost bloodflow and recovery for your unit…

Since it is an amino acid you can probably take anytime of the day with or without food as long as you don’t take too much. If you workout it is also good post workout to aid recovery. Hope that helps.

Hi there!

If it’s for stimulating the production of HGH, you should take between 3-12 grams of L-Arginine, or 3 grams if you take L-ornithine with it. L-Arginine, to be absorbed by the body needs to be taken 1 hour before eating, or 3 hours after eating. To stimulate HGH production, it’s best to take first thing on the morning, or right before bed.

If you’re taking it just to increase circulation and sperm count, then you need to follow the same schedule, but only take 3 grams of the stuff, once a day.

Also, you could try to find another thread dealing with this in this section, where someone posted 3 links with very good material about the effects of L-Arginine.

Hope this helps!



What the hell is L-arginine and what does it do

It is an amino acid.....

It supposedly helps supply more blood to your unit to aid healing and give you a more impressive flaccid hang.

Use the search facility - type in l-arginine.

A lot has been written on it.

See Ya,



I’m wondering how much of L-Arginine and other supplements you are taking per day. Are people taking 1 gram or 2 or what. I dont believe there is a “suggested daily value” of these because they are amino acids (protein building blocks).


Hey everyone

thanks guys for all the replys.

UpgradingUnit, i´m taking 2 pills per day just 1gr, i´m not sure about taking 2 or 3 gr per day it freaks me out, i´m searching a little bit more about L-arginine the pros and cons, have you read about the herpes thing? í dont know what´s going on with that, that´s why i´m take a 2 pills for now.

Let me know your thougths.

adios amigos.

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To Mexican

L-arginine increases the nitric oxide concentration in your blood which helps increase blood flow to the genitals. Other members who recommended 2-3 grams are correct in their prescription. Unfortunately, L-arginine is sold only in 500 mg. dosages so you have to take four or five capsules daily. The reason for the dosage being so low per capsule is that the manufacture can only fit so much product in a capsule. They could put 2000 mg. (2mg.) in a capsule but it would have to be four times the size and most people have a hard time swallowing large pills so it works against the company. You can purchase L-arginine in an effervescent formula made by either GNC or Scitec and these each contain 2.5 grams of L-arginine per serving. Nonetheless to see results from this supplement take 2-3 grams on an empty stomach either first thing in the morning roughly a half an hour before breakfast or before bed on an empty stomach. Taking it on an empty stomach is important. Also do not take L-arginine for longer than six weeks without interruption. It is habit forming and stops working after this time period. Take a few weeks off and resume treatment. BTW, the reason I know all this is because I have been working at GNC for four years and have a nutrition background. Later

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Hi bigcat

Thanks for the tip and for the comments, this is how i take it, 8:00 breakfast,11:15 2 pills of l-arg, 2:00 big meal,5:00 2 pills of l-arg, 8:00 dinner, i dont know if this schedule is good or bad at this time i dont see any improvements in my PE or in my body at large, i would like if you give me more tips about this stuff.

thanks a lot man.

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Hey Big Cat

Would you happen to be the same big cat that occasionally writes pieces for You seem to know quite a bit on supplements. Just wondering.

Do a search on this site for L-arginine. A lot has been written on it. You’ll find most of the answers to your questions, including very specific dosages, times to take it, and why. Also sources and suppliers, powder vs. pill, costs, and links to sites detailing the cautions as well as the benefits. I’m a newly converted user of L-arginine, and for me, it has worked very, very well. Does everything they say it does.


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