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Help me complete my supplement regimen!

Help me complete my supplement regimen!

I have decided to try one of the natural, so-called, testosterone-enhancing roots to add to my supplement regiment for sexual health.

Currently, I am taking spirulina/chlorella, zinc, and soy lecithin, and they are working out wonderfully. But, I’m ready to pump up the volume here, so am wondering what type and what brand of supplement you guys would recommend?

Tongkat is out due to its insanely high cost, and Yohimbe, frankly, scares me.

So what about Maca and Trib? Please recommend a brand for me too, as I don’t know which brands are the best quality. Left to my own devices, I’d probably just buy NOW brand…


Thanks for the response! I’ve looked at Testojack, and decided against it though.

All it is is ZMA with a little Tongkat and Trib thrown in. I already take zinc and magnesium supplements, so that one is kind of a waste. I’d rather just take a full concentration of an herb, such as Tribulus or Maca, or even Longjack if I can find it cheap enough.

I just can’t justify paying the price for the good 200:1 concentrations of Tongkat/Longjack…especially when I’m already pretty virile with what I’m taking.

Essentially, what I want is something to make my gf stop calling me a “porn star” and start calling me a “monster”. heh. Ie, I want to split her in half. lol

Edit: In the Calcium for Better Erections thread I went into a whole spiel on ZMA and why I thought it was a ripoff.

I like ISA-TEST. Check it out. I’m sure your gf must love you. Some guys want to make passionate love to their gfs, some want to make her feel special but you want to ‘split her in half’. Ok man lol. Isa-test may help with that. Another good one is 6-oxo that turns me into a beast especially combined with Isa-test. Woth them to you could do some serious damage lol.

Originally Posted by kingdong69
Another good one is 6-oxo that turns me into a beast

100% with you; I tried it for two months and the difference was amazing: it really turned me a hunter, lol.

Badass! Thanks guys will check it out!

So what are ISA-TEST and 6-oxo supposed to do anyway?

Google them and you can find out exactly all the things they ‘advertise’ to do. But ‘Ultimately’ increase free testosterone levels.

Activate Xtreme and Alri Resore are your friends :)

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