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Has anyone used a fat burner like oxypro elite


Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
As a side note you guys gotta be careful with going too low carb if you have any depression or bipolar disorders.
I find that I get way too apathetic and just about suicidal if I go low carb for more than a few days. Not to mention my Depakote doesn’t work properly as it should. I found that a small dose of caffeine and 50-100mg of 5-htp help a lot to keep serotonin levels normal enough for me to go throughout my day without feeling like shit. That usually only happens to me the day after my three very low carb rest days before the 300 gram carb backload.

Sorry to seem like I’m picking on you but, 5-htp is a dangerous supplement. Unlike l-tryptophan, 5-htp is metabolised into serotonin outside of the brain - elevated body-serotonin levels have been indicated in cardiac fibrosis.

Really, I thought it metabolized the same as tryptophan. I would change to something else If I could just get the same serotonin boosting benefits. Maybe an ssri or so.

I believe l-tryptophan is metabolized into 5-htp, circulated as 5-htp then metabolized crossing the blood brain barrier into serotonin. Where as 5-htp is metabolized into serotonin before it reaches the brain - hence the possible danger. Bulk l-tryptophan is cheap, you could also try a hypericin standardized st john’s wort supplement.

Can’t do Saint John’s wort without a doctors permission because it may kill me when combined with some psychiatric meds. I will definitely check out tryptophan and some other means of staying active while getting used to my diet and med combo.

Interesting direction the thread has gone.

I am currently taking oxygen elite pro. Works great so far. Really cuts my appitite. Great way to kick off a diet.

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