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Hey Northof60,

I just posted a link to this thread for you elsewhere. You are to quick for me!

1fast400 has it for $33/60pills, I haven’t tried the stuff or know if it is a good price. They also have a clone-product for $25.

Thanks. I prefer not to buy my stuff from American suppliers because I get hit with duties crossing the border and because as soon as customs sees “testosterone booster” on the label they tend to hold the stuff for several weeks if not permanently. That is a good price though for those Americans who might be interested. For Canadians you might want to try..


They have it for $49/60 Canadian dollars. As I mentioned above. I’ve been on the stuff for about 3 months and other than increased aggression I haven’t noticed any size or strength gains but perhaps those would require longer periods - not sure. Tribulus is much cheaper. It’s effects are much more debatable and I’ve done 3 cycles of it too. It is definitely weaker but might be an option for those on a limited budget.