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Has anybody tried DHT?


What’s BTC stretching? Haha
So u started off big!? Lmao man I woulda been done @ 8.5 or 9 inch length. What I found out is Heat is one of the most essential keys to the Growth. There were some guys on here that barely used any type of heat for warm ups and they reported very small gains, almost nun. And one of the guys actually started using a heating pad and in about 2 weeks he seen it increase a half inch in length. I found that the reason heat is sooo important is because it breaks down the tunica and let’s it stretch farther, also it’s one of the only ways to permanently stretch collagen tendons. There was a study on woman giving birth using infrared ultra sound machines to heat up their vaginas in the hospital. So anyway what I came up with this info is something that can be revolutionary and change PE forever. I Bet my life if I made or bought a small portable Heating Pad that I can wrap around my penis for @least 2 hours a day while using the Vac extender to pull to my max, I will Make gains the fastest anyone has ever done. I will also be taking collagen supplement along with the HGH to heal quickly. This has to work, I mean if u think about it, even the heat itself will be bringing fresh nutrient rich blood. It also speeds up circulation, meaning I won’t have to take of the extender as much and my cells will get more nutrients quicker.

Originally Posted by …2BigAlready.
I tried T boosters, Enzyte and Extenze. But I think getting the single tablet supplements is best, and taking it that way, Usually cheaper too.

I do not remember any really quick gains, I actually started casual PE around 1987 (jelq and some pumping*) but I was like 7.5” BPEL and 5.x” MEG. I say “like” 7.5 because I used to measure from the side, and that adds a consistent 1/2” for me, I was getting 8” that way.

I’d love to know where to get HGH, or a supplement that increases your own HGH production.

I also saw an interesting presentation that said the missing link in the growth chain is Acetyl Choline. I’d like to find some of that too.
Perhaps I just need to get better nutrition.

I remember when I was a member at Big Al’s forum, all of the older men had a pretty good success at PE. But they were beginners, and I got the easy beginning gains long ago. Many can get the 1” gain in BPEL within the first year, as I recall. The basic newbie routines are where you should start, KingPin. It is geared to toughening the Johnson for the advanced routines. Mem’s Routine is good for length, and Horse 440 Squeezes are great for girth, but both are very advanced.
Horse 440’s produce a lot of spotting, unless you do a LOT of warming up.

I did a lot of pumping as well, that is what made my girth stay over 6” MEG. I was running around 6.125’ when I started back up this year, need to measure, but I believe I have added some good gains this year already. Mostly from clamping and Norse 440’s :D

So here is the bottom line, I did really well from about 1999 to 2003 and kinda quit PE, very little or no maintenance. But all that aside, I still have an extra 1”+ BPEL and most of the extra girth, even after 10 years plus of no PE. The key is keep doing PE, the maintenance should take very little effort, but be consistent with it after you get your goals. I suspect a lot of my BPEL will come back quickly, when I get back to hanging. But the girth is so useful, and easy to get at this stage. OH, 1 other thing, I did a LOT of the BTC stretches. Between the Cheeks :D

BTC is “between the cheeks” meaning you tuck it and pull from behind.

Where are you getting HGH? I need some :D

RESETTING for a REALISTIC GOAL: New Routine:2Big is turning over a new Leaf!

OFFICIAL re-STARTING STATS: app. 8.5"+ BPEL, 6.00" MEG My pix thread: ..2bigalready's pics

My Screen Name has CHANGED! (formerly ...2BigAlready.) Enter the NEW ME! :D

The BEST store to get all your supplements from is General Nutrition center (GNC) they got everything you can think of.

Also you should watch this very informational video on the Top supplements you should use

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Originally Posted by …2BigAlready.
BTC is “between the cheeks” meaning you tuck it and pull from behind.

Where are you getting HGH? I need some :D


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