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Has anybody had problems with this mob?


Has anybody had problems with this mob?

I ordered some Tadalafil from Kitsmore / Emerald Scientific early December and haven’t seen the order and haven’t had a hint of a response from their “customer service” dept.

Just wanted to know if anybody has had problems dealing with this company?

I know I’m in Australia and I believe they’re in Texas (?) but still, one should expect some sort of response from them.

Any, just curious to know if people have had similar experiences.

I’ve always received great service from them, they are the best thing going as far as C and Powder V. Email them with your concern, it may be possible your government seized it(just thinking out loud). I would bet they aren’t screwing you, but something else has happened. Keep us posted.

I too have ordered from them …found them to be very prompt (3 days) ….your problem is most likely to be with customs in your country.

Thanks for all the info. I’ll go through that thread. Yes, perhaps here in Australia, they have been “intervened” by our authorities but then again, my wife brings in other herbs etc from overseas without any problems but then again, one never knows.

Appreciate the help.

It may not be the company, the order could have gotten hung up at customs.

I’m in agreement with webslave and Mr.9. I’ve always gotten outstanding service from them. Usually 3 days.

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I am in the U.S. I ordered generic Cialis from India once, but never received it. After a month or so, I got a letter from U.S. Customs, stating they had seized it. The reasoning: it is available in the United States, so I could not buy it out of country. There was also a lengthy form to fill out, wherein I could have the product if I could give them a valid reason for buying it overseas. Well like all good Americans, I love my country, but fear my government, so I never forced the issue. I’m sure something similar has happened to you shintaro.

Yep, I just ordered from India. It’s outta the country headed this way. I would hate to get taken at customs in this country. Have feared in the past it getting outta India! As they have had to send in 30 count packages, getting several packages in increments.

Never heard of anyone having problems with customs in this country (usa).

Thanks for the link/info chainz8. Who do you order from now ???

Oh well, I haven’t had no problems yet! YET ? Think I’ll stick with ordering from in the states company’s, “liquid C or powder V”. “”…

The company I ordered from “” recently is my first time checking them out. I ordered “synthroid,Celebrex,sildenafil”.

I just sent them an email asking if they have had problems with US customs lately.

Good idea webslave.Let know their response. I’m actually looking for a new source. I bought my last batch from a member here on the forum.

Well I finally got an answer from Kitsnmore. Seems I didn’t pay their “International Fee”. This wasn’t mentioned when I ordered through their Emerald section so I went through the Kitsnmore ordering and there it was so we’ll see what happens this time. Interesting, they had a “Penny Products” section where you could order 10ml Tadalifil for .01. Seemed strange but what the heck, I ordered anyway so will keep you posted on what happens.

Good for you shintaro,,,(and the penny section…- Orders totaling $150.00-$199.99 get ONE (1) Penny Product

- Orders OVER $200.00 get TWO (2) Penny Products and Express Shipping)

I should get my order from them today for tadalafil. Have to beat the wife to the mail box !!!

Webslave I only ordered about $50 worth of stuff and the PP seemed to go through. I’ll let you know what happens. Just got a shipping note so I can track this one.

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