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Has anybody had problems with this mob?


Alright shintaro, keep us updated.

In the U.S. is buying it as a kit considered legal?

Not sure freedman, think it’s their way of getting around rules/regs. It states “Not for human consumption”…but !!!

Well I take back any negative words / thoughts I had about Kitsnmore. I received my order from them in good time…turns out Aust POst stuffed up and misplaced my order so all is well now. Ordered the 2 for 1 20ml special as well as the “penny product” 10 ml and got that as well! So 50ml in total - not a bad deal I thought.

I’ve started trying out the liquid C and perhaps I don’t really know what to expect with this. I don’t get an immediate ‘boost’ and I was curious as to how it works - is it a more subtle effect one gets? And how often do some of you use it? Is it a case of if one uses it too much it’s effect is diminished?

Glad it all worked out for you shintaro! And 50ml !!! lol …you have a enough to last for awhile now. Hell,,,I’m still on my first 10+10ml order and have the 20+20ml in the frig.

Dosage is up to you shintaro. With plenty on hand to experiment, as I have. I began taking a daily dose which worked well for me for about the first week. I tapered down to about 20mg give or take a little every other day. I’ve stopped taking it for a spell trying out Tongkat Ali/Tribulus and its effects.

Keep us informed on your process shintaro.

The boost only comes when you get sexually stimulated, either horny thoughts or touching your dick - then pow! The surge of blood is like the fuel injection system in a high performance sports car.

By the way are there no good websites selling this stuff in Australia? I’m curious as I want to pay for and send some stuff to a friend in Brisbane and I don’t want to risk losing it at customs.

irishjim yes interesting effect. I haven’t taken this before and probably thought one sip and instant hard-on. I am noticing the subtlety of it and it’s quite neat! Met this chick in a night club last week and after about 5 seconds of her rubbing her tits against me, I spent an hour or so standing around with her, sporting a boner….thank christ it was dark. (I just re-read that and yes, it was me with the boner not her!)

As far as your export to Brisbane, send it via the postal service and I don’t think you’ll have any problems. My order was opened and checked and got through no problem. I checked on our Quarantine services web site where it tells you what you can and can’t bring in and from my reading, I can’t see where it disallows one bringing in something like Liq C.


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