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Hi CurtDawg,

Don’t let LBorn’s brusque manner scare you away. :) What he’s saying, and I agree, is why go for half assed treatments when a drug has been invented specifically for your problem? If you’ve read the previous posts in this thread you know I use Proscar. It’s the same drug, but comes in 5 mg tablets instead of 1 mg like Propecia. The cost per bottle of 30 tablets is approximately the same. So buying Proscar and cutting the pills into quarters saves money. You can also use the generic. LBorn’s been using it for quite a while and apparently it works like the name-brand product. See your physician and get a prescription for Proscar or Propecia and get on the drug. It works as advertised and the sexual side effects are minimal.

Thanks guys, appreciate it

Starting (June 2004): 7.5" EBPL x 5.5" EG

1st Goal : 8.5" EBPL x 6" EG

2nd Goal : 9.5" EBPL x 6.5" EG

Get Spencer Kobren’s book The Bald Truth. It will give you a base to build your plan of attack from.


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