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Hairloss, bodybuilding and PE

Wonder if you guys realize that too high of a testosterone level can cause

Would be the first test I’d have my doc do, if I were 21 and losing hair.

I recently started messing around with supplements that supposedly increase your testosterone level
and my hair started coming out by the handful, soon as I stopped them,
it stopped coming out.

They first made the connection when they noticed that Italians as a race, have a higher incidence of alopecia in men and hairsuitism in women. They found that as a race they have higher levels of testosterone.

hey ll born,

What about having sex without condoms?

The sperm certainly will contain finasteride as well…

Or it is OK then?

What do you think?

All the best,


growely, I hope westla will answer this. But as far as I understand the sperm does not contain finasteride. You take it orally, I don’t know what path it takes from there. I think it stays in the blood circulation blocking HGH. THat’s all, I tink.

EZ Rider: PLEASE do your homework ;) (I read this phrase a lot a while ago in this forum, came out of fashion I guess). It’s not high testosterone levels which cause hair loss, it’s testosterone which causes the hair loss IN THOSE MEN who are genetically configurated with hair follicles being impairable by HGH. In THOSE MEN already a regular testosterone level will cause hair loss. If your testosterone level is below normal your genetic preposition of loosing hair due to HGH of cause only ‘appeared’ when testosterone levels have been raised, resulting in more HGH. But it can harldy be considered as the right way to let the level drop again just to keep your hair. That’s the idea of finasteride: to have full sexual function due to normal to maybe high testosterone levels WHILE blocking the harmful HGH only. Got the idea?

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

DHT, LBorn, not HGH, but you’re correct. A high testosterone level by itself isn’t the cause of hair loss. There’s heredity/susceptibility and the level of DHT that are responsible for male pattern baldness. See the link I posted above.

Women of childbearing age are not supposed to have any contact with the drug since it could, if they’re pregnant, cause birth defects in a male fetus. You can’t pass the drug to her via your sperm.

Errrhhhh… DHT? :o How embarrassing :o I should do MY homework :)

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Hey, where you lose hairs?
In Th front attachment or in the middle?
If is in the front, maybe propecia is not the best for you.
Anyway, it’s better go to a specialist.
Have your hairs checked. Find the cause
(probably genetic; if it was lack of minerals, stress or so it
would be more easy)
In the case you find a good doc…he can give you
the best cure.
Ok, this products are not cheap.
I use a spray too, all days and my hairs
are good now. With propecia I was losing only time.
Progesterone and spironolattone works GREAT
for me. Absolutely they were the right thing.

So, my advice: move on, and try!
In any case, if it’s not possible, you can adopt an r&b look
after, with muscle in evidence….and you will be very cool the same!

best luck


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EZ Rider

Your also right in a way if you increase your testosterone you will make more DHT and if you are losing your hair already from DHT it will speed up the process.

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Yeah I’m losing it in the front, perhaps a lack of minerals, but definately not because of stress, because at the moment I really don’t have any stress. I haven’t had any stress for 6 months.

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At least in my case, the density of the top hairs with propecia is less than when I am not on it and it looks good when I’m not on it, but I know it won’t look good for long if I continue like that because the hairs will fall out.

From what I asked my doctor, he said that my timeframe of baldness is within a couple years. I am not completely sure, but according to him, I think this is irregardless of whether I use propecia or not. I think that propecia , will slow down the inevitable, but nevertheless will not prevent you from it. For example, I was on it for a long time, after I stopped for a week, my hair loss during that time was very fast, like I never experienced.

Currently, I am still taking the medication but have beem trying some centrum tablets, seems to have no affect so far. But I will vouch for Rogaine , except its mostly effective in the crown region.

My experience with propecia has been a rollercoaster ride. There has been months when my hair looks so good and the fall out is minimal where I forget about being cursed with hairloss, however things turn bad again and my hair proceeds to turn to shit. Its like cycle for me. I’ve been on it for about 20 months or so now, nothing really positive to say or negative. I still have good coverage but I am unable to style it the way i use to, and to the trained eye the thinning in noticeable.

Im 21 as well Lamesize, and have been loosing hair for 3 years or so. I have spent and still am spending the best years of my life worrying and depressed over my hair loss. Nothing worse than being young with hair loss and carrying a small dick, oh well thats life. My advice to you, is to jump on propecia and see what it can do for you. You have nothing to lose.

My hair at the fringe, by the temples is slowly receding. Will Propecia work on this area or does it mostly work on the crown, where I have zero loss? What is best suited to a receding fringe? Or is nothing good for that?

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Your best bet would be Rogaine. There are many variations, shampoos, etc you can look at. Good Luck .

Hey guys, another concerned person here with losing his hair. I could really use some advise. I’m 24 right now and look to be facing the inevitable. My dad is bald (he’s 44), my grandfather’s bald, and my 3 uncle’s on my dad’s side are all bald or have major hair loss. So basically I’m screwed. I’ve noticed in the past few years that my hair has been thinning out a little especially around the front hair line. So quick question, I read somewhere that saw palmetto slows down the production of DHT to prevent hair loss just like propecia. Has anyone had any experience with this herb? Also how much do you guys spend per month on propecia? Has anyone experienced good results with generic propecia, or any hair shampoo’s ? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I really have to repeat myself again: Your family history clearly indicates (genetic) male pattern baldness, which is to be prevented by Propecia. FULL STOP! I am paying US$ 58 (!!!!) for 90 pills of Generic Propecia from Pakistan (1 mg finasteride) called “Genesis”. What needs to be considered here, who would hesitate to keep ones hair. I just don’t get it. It’s like having headache and hesitating taking an aspirine :confused:

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003


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