Good Tasting L-Arginine Liquid

I don’t mean to spam the boards with MLM products, but I thought I’d let you know the company I am with has a liquid Arginine product that actually tastes good. You get 5000 mg in 1 tablespoon.

It’s pretty expensive though, $75 / bottle, gets you 16 ounces, or 32 servings. If you don’t want to swallow a half a bottle of pills, or deal with the horrible aftertaste of GNC powders, it may be worth it. For some odd reason, I also seem to notice that the effects of this product seem to be superior than taking 10 500mg capsules, or the equivalent dosage in powder form. It might have to do with the delivery system, but I really don’t have a clue.

If you’re interested, check out

BTW, if you’re gonna buy this stuff every month, and if you have any MLM experience (or want to be trained in it) you might as well sign up as a distributor, get the discount, and try and recruit other people so you can offset the product cost or even make some money.

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