Going for "single" supps perhaps, suggestions requested

Hey guys,

For the past few months I’ve been taking Dr. Lin’s combo pack of MoodMax, Dopafibre, and Viagrowth III, which from the best of what I can see on the forum contains many of the supps that everyone reccommends. I know the consensus on Dr. Lin ‘s professionality and whatnot, but I’m wondering that if these supps contain what he says they contain (yohimbe, l-arg), should I just keep taking them? or would it be better to get individuals?

I, like many others am looking for stuff to improve load size, erection hardness, libido, and of course anything that would help PE gains. So far these seem important…

Yohimbe (?)

Can anyone suggest dosages and other supps? How about a good multivitamin - right now Dr. Lin’s pills take care of general stuff too.

Please post what you’ve heard about or had good luck with. Thanks.