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GNC MegaMan

GNC MegaMan

I started taking these last week, two pills a day as suggested, and started feeling jittery and weak. I also started experiencing a tingly feeling in my hands and feet. Has anyone else tried this stuff, or possibly know what it contains that could cause this? It has ginseng in it, but, at 70mg per pill, I do not think that’s it.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Look at the ingredients list. If it contains yohimbine (yohimbe), that may well what is making you feel jittery. If it contains yohimbe, that is also jacking up your blood pressure.



Actually this is the Vitamins I take, my brother gave them to me for Christmas(3 month supply). There is no yohimbe in them, there is ginseng like stated above though. I like these vitamins quiet a bit, I can tell they have increased my energy levels. I’m not fond of GNC stuff, but it was bought for me(not that their products aren’t good, just overpriced). Most people I have talked to just use regular ‘ol Centrum type multi’s.

BTW, not having the symptoms you are.

Maybe I am just allergic to one of the many ingredients. My blood pressure actually dropped 15-20 points. After three days off it is back up to ~118 over ~70. I attributed the tingly feeling and the weakness/ fatigue to the drop in bp. Thanks for the replies.

I take Mega Men, I used to take two a day but now just take one. Never noticed any weird side effects except bright yellow pee all the time.


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