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GNC ArginMax

GNC ArginMax

I’ve been taking 6 tablets a day (3 grams of Arginine). I read arginine is supposed to help heal the penis at night time promoting circulation and possibly growth from a set of jelqing. I’m more horny than before, but I didn’t take it to increase my sex drive; I took it to help aid in my pe program. Has anyone noticed gains using this supplement or did I waste my money?

Ive been taking L-Arginine for about two weeks now.At first i noticed some increased sex drive but now i dont really notice it at all.taking one capsule daily 500mg,thats what the bottle said.youre taking more than that though….

There’s two different bottles one is GNC L-Arginine which tells you to take 1 tablet a day, while ArginMax tells you to take 3 tablets twice a day.

Oh ok,cool.Didnt notice the ArginMax.

I’ve noticed a hugh increase in my drive and desire, as well as the healing. I take 7 1000mg tablets a day of the GNC variety; 2 mid AM, 2 Mid PM and 3 at night.

This article might be of interest:

The increased Arginine, Lesithin and water have also increased my load volume…IMO

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GrowingUp, should arginine be taken with a meal or on a empty stomach? It doesn’t say anything about that on the directions.

Hey GrowingUp thanks for that link.Ill have to read through all that info.Taking a look at what you said I imagine im obviously not taking enough?I take the dosage mentioned on the package of mine.I got a bottle of 500mg capsules and it says to take one a day.As i mentioned earlier,been doing that for about two weeks.Starting to think i should maybe increase the dosage now?Any other opinions?

I am currently taking 6-7000mg per day also. As an added bonus not mentioned in above posts, I am now off of 5 perscription blood pressure meds which I have been on for several years. Good stuff, if you take enough!

Wow,I guess it is good stuff then.Anyone have any links to the kind theyre taking?Ive been looking around a bit this morning and im curious.Thanks again.

I am also interested in a good brand.

Quoting from the research link given by Growing Up:

When shopping for an L-arginine nitric oxide formula, make sure the research behind the formula is valid and safe (at least ten years of research). If the company marketing an L-arginine formula cannot validate that they have had an L-arginine product publicly “on the marker” for at least five years with no FDA/FDC violations or negative health reports, look elsewhere.

The consumer should ask the manufacturer of the product to explain the metabolic pathway or methodology by which his product stimulates the production of NO or provides NO to the body. The product should also be low glycemic, as insulin-stimulation is contraindicated in an arginine formula.

Anybody know of such a brand?

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I just started taking ArginMax. I have not really been much into supplements before, but I decided I wanted to work on my loads and distance. I haven’t been taking it long enough to tell what kind of effect it will have on me. I’ll post again later.


NO2 and NOS precusors will help your dick some. They made me look pumped up when I exercised. You need to drink lots of water. I took them for about one month.

Large quantities of Arginine made me sick at my stomach. It is good for you for many reasons. It too aids a hardon. I took it on an empty stomach.

The best supplement I have ever found for me by far was tongkat ali, Malaysian ginseng. I have taken it for a little over a week with wonderful results. May not help everyone get hard, but it makes me rock hard.

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