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Ginger Root

Ginger Root

Anyone know anthing about this supp. Read elsewhere a fairly detailed post on it from a BB board with respect to it’s aid in digesting/utilizing protein. Papaya was also mentioned. Sounded convincing and of some utilty for those who lift and eat for it, but I’m curious of anyone here actually noticed any great value if they’ve taken it. Thanx, groa.

Why yes, groa...

I do know aomething about that ginger root supplement. Actually does affect digestion in a positive way. Not sure about the “proteolytic” stuff, but it one can eat alot of hot chili and thai stirfry and not even fart. Cool supp! Cheap, too. I think all brands are basically the same, usually about 550mg. and take two before meals. Been taking it for a few weeks now. Really thought it would be a farse, but appears to be quite good. More info if I get my lazy ass a-searchin’ on the web. me

I don’t know but I think my unit was shaped like a ginger root after some intense pumping the other day.


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