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Get Arginine from food?

Get Arginige from food?

The popular middle eastern dip, Hummus - made from cicer seeds/garbanzo beans/chickpeas- is very reach in the amino acid Arginine which we all know is benefitial for better erections.

Anybody know about it, or other foods containing arginine?

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I make it and eat it on pitas quite often as it is very tasty, easy to make, and good for you- but have never made the connection to harder erections. I will have to keep an eye on that next time I eat it and see. Thanks for the info!

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World's highest food souce of L Arginine

The highest naturally occuring concentrations of L Arginine are found in Venison (deer meat).

About three ounces, on average, contain over 500 milligrams of L Arg.

Good hunting. Now you know why I am an avid deer hunter (wink wink)


I’ve read that peanuts (and therefore peanut butter) are good sources of L-arginine. However, I don’t know how many grams you get in a 2 Tbsp serving of peanut butter.

You could end up eating a lot of fat to get the L-arginine.

I’ve found some info on this topic, which is of interest since L-Arginine can’t be purchased in Canada. From a web site on herpes I found a list of foods showing the amounts of arginine and lysine. Arginine can promote outbreaks of herpes to people with the virus, and should be avoided in that instance.

At the top of the list is pine nuts with 4.75% arg, then peanut butter @ 4.09%, pumpkin seeds @ 3.98%, peanuts @ 3.51%, and sesame seed @ 3.33%. That rounds out the top five.

To be cost effective either roasted peanuts, or fresh peanut butter are my preferences. However snacking on roasted pumpkin seed or adding some pine nuts to a meal works too. If left to stand for a few days the oil in the peanut butter will separate and can be drained off (used in cooking). This reduces the amount of oil eaten if used this way. Commercial peanut butters have other vegtable oils added to them some times, as well as good dose of sugar which could be avoided.

The amount of lysine in both peanuts and pine nuts is quite low, which should help in the absorbtion of arginine.

Arginine in meats is harder to come by with under 2%. It is my understanding that arginine supplementation works best when taken with minimal other amino acids.

I do find that snacking on roasted peanuts helps in the erectile department, as I’ve also tried supplementing on arginine once and although the effect in not as intense it is noticable. I also use maca, tribulis, and 5-HTP to promote nocturnal erections.



Great info lewp23, thanks!

Maybe I will think about diet again :) So, eating 140 grams peanuts makes a 500mg Arginine dose. Is that enough / day, and should I eat peanuts every day (or just when I want to)!?!? ie. Does it have an effect if taken every now and then, or does it need to be taken on a daily basis. I’m not familiar with this Arginine business at all…

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I know you guys want natural sources but if you want cost effective and want to keep the calories down you can’t beat supplements.

1 Kilo (1000 grams) of powder runs about $60 from Kilosports or Jomar Labs.

1 1/2 tsp of Arginine powder = aprox 5 grams.
cost = aprox $.06/gram
1 gram = 1000 milligrams

Food is a great source, it all depend what how much you want in your diet.

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Inexpensive L-arginine powder

I got a kilo for $45.00 from Beyond a Century.

Their website is

The only drawback with the powder is the taste. I’ve mixed it with orange juice, which helps, but I’ve read that it’s best to take L-arginine on an empty stomach without any carbs or protein. It can be pretty hard to gag down sometimes.

Doesn’t the overconsumption of vitamin C just get out of the body while piing?! When the body doesn’t need any more it followes the water you drink out from the body…

Today I fooled myself totaly. (Me and mathematical terms) I took 5 grams instead of 500 mg of vitamin C =D. A little bit tooo much I suppose… Anyway I thought it must had been 5 grams, I thought 500 mg looked just to little, hehe…


ups, sorry… I thought vitamin-C and L- Arginine where the same things….

Restarting everything.

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