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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

> Please inform how this does not qualify of <verification>

Let’s see. “A guy” saw another guy in a locker room and noticed his dick is big. Guy #2 (with the big dick) says he asked his doctor for something to increase libido, and his doctor gave him Androgel. The doctor said not to apply it to his penis, yet he did anyway and his dick grew.

Fine. Bubba, the guy at the convenience store, knows a guy who knows a guy who said he rubbed ground up M&M’s on his dick and it grew 2”. Are you running to the store to get M&M’s now?

Originally posted by Jones8315:

I said i I dont don’t give a crap becuase because you blatently insulted me insert period

“Being in college, you should stay on top of those things”

[Hobby says: isn’t this true? Do your professors accept such pathetic writing?]

I was pritty pretty sure anyone who could speak english English (1st or 2nd language) could understand , “Independant Independent Verification”, (a period would work here) if anyone out there couldnt couldn’t, please let me know.

This is warning #2 to clean up your writing. Next time you’re banned.

Fine. Bubba, the guy at the convenience store, knows a guy who knows a guy who said he rubbed ground up M&M's on his dick and it grew 2”.

Were the M&M’s sitting next to the AD-4?


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

The simple fact is this:
1. The penis doesn’t grow at that rate during puberty so why would it grow at that rate with this gel?

2. The delivery method wouldn’t work to get to the tunica so it is the same as applying it to your arms, chest or legs.

3. There are over 150 members here with experience in the methods of PE as compared to 6 that are using prohormones/androgel.

4.No one has completed the treatment as of yet for the 6 hormone users.

5.There are many success stories in regulary PE with minimal injuries.

6. TRT is dangerous and you are taking a chance of an enlarged prostate, hair loss and testicular atrophy.

This isn’t something for anyone to run a trial on humans. You are a true lab rat in the fact that there has been no testing except on YOU! These guys may be testing this theory on YOU instead of testing this on themselves. I would hope you value your life enough not to just rub a potent anabolic steroid all over your dick. You are all adults here and the risk is a hell of allot more that Jones would lead you to believe. I would hate to hear that you have the same size penis but an enlarged prostate.

I look forward to seeing the gains of those who have chosen to participate.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars


>Man, the lab rats are really pouring …<

Dammit, no one may use the term ‘lab rats’ but me! :)

>4. No offense, but you cannot ‘debunk’ this theory. <

If it couldnt be ‘debunked’, it wouldnt be a theory, would it?

I am still waiting for an answer to this q, by my buddy cya:

>1. The penis doesn’t grow at that rate during puberty so why would it grow at that rate with this gel?<

Well, sometimes with PE quick gains are made by ‘regaining’ lost size, and by getting stronger erections. Increased T would certainly help with this, and may explain quick results, but only initially. The blood flow would need to be maintained after the application was stopped in any case.


Hey pumpin4big1,

You seem to know a lot about pro-hormones. Have you heard of 1-test or 1AD? It is a powerful DHT derivative, and it is worth testing. Ill probably do it if nobody else does.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Does jk mean joke or joker? I got it!!!!!Is it just kidding?

One more thing I forgot. If DHT is the key, note that 4-AD can’t convert to DHT, it is chemically impossible. 4-androstenediol will not go through 5-alpha reduction the only way to get there is for it to convert to test in the body, then it can be reduced. I remember a study but cant find at the moment, which showed 15% of 4-AD was converted to T. I dont know how much will be reduced from this, but its not an efficient method. And when you consider that it would likely be absorbed into the blood rather than having a ‘local’ effect, it *really* does not look like an effective method.

Androgel is another matter of course, but even in this case I strongly doubt a local effect will be seen, not in terms of major gains. And as cya says, the growth rate during puberty is slow. This is during a time when the receptor sites are open.

I have always been skeptical of hormones on PE, I would love to be wrong but there have been AS users on the PE boards, who did not report any huge changes. Of course, when a juicer does make good gains, people are all over it, saying it was the roids that caused the gains. The people that say this are usually the people who dont like the idea of putting effort into PE.

On every self improvement board, be it BB, PE, seduction, business or whatever, there are always the ‘magic bullet seekers’ arent there? I propose that MBS be added to the glossary! (serious suggestion!)

Good Luck

JK are my initials.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Your FIRST name is Jones??

No, that’s just a nickname.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars


I would like to read Dr. Reicher’s post on that Yahoo groupyou mentioned. In order to join that group it appears you must join one of those pay sites for $30 or $40 dollars. Am I wrong?

It would be nice if this guy had just some links to facts to back himself up with, instead of a guy named shoesize on the Internet or the advertisements on web sites selling this shit. If this shit worked Drgmerlin would have the biggest dick on the board and he repots no gains from it.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’ll post some facts.

FACT: ANY amount of exogenous testosterone introduced into the male body will suppress natural testosterone production.

Here’s the study:

Pharmacokinetics of a new transdermal testosterone gel in gonadotrophin-suppressed normal men.
Rolf C, Kemper S, Lemmnitz G, Eickenberg U, Nieschlag E.
Institute of Reproductive Medicine of the University, Domagkstr. 11, D-48129 Munster, Germany.
OBJECTIVE: In a phase I single-centre, open, randomized study, the pharmacokinetics of two doses of a transdermal testosterone gel containing 2.5% testosterone were evaluated in 26 healthy male volunteers. DESIGN: To eliminate the influence of endogenous serum testosterone, gonadotrophins and endogenous testosterone secretion were suppressed by a single intramuscular injection of 400 mg norethisterone enanthate. Fourteen men applied 5.0 g and 12 men applied 2.5 g testosterone gel daily for 10 days. Half the men in each group washed the gel off 10 min after it had been applied. RESULTS: In all the men, a marked suppression of LH, FSH, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and oestradiol was observed after norethisterone treatment. Physiological serum concentrations of testosterone were restored during the 10-day treatment period in the group of men applying 5.0 g testosterone gel. Increasing serum concentrations of testosterone from day 1 to day 10 were observed. Oestradiol and DHT concentrations did not exceed normal values. Washing 10 min after gel application did not influence the resorption of testosterone. A dose of 2.5 g testosterone gel was insufficient to achieve physiological serum concentrations of testosterone. CONCLUSION: Testosterone replacement treatment with 5.0 g of this 2.5% testosterone gel is able to achieve constant physiological testosterone concentrations in gonadotrophin-suppressed men. Washing the skin after 10 min does not influence the pharmacokinetic profile and thus significantly reduces the risk of contamination of female partners or infants.
Publication Types:
* Clinical Trial
* Randomized Controlled Trial

PMID: 11980623 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Now here’s the link to the study:…3&dopt=Abstract

Now here’s why I posted this:

There was a guy that was only applying a little bit to his penis every day and he questioned if this would indeed be a problem because it was “only a little bit”.

The answer is a loud YES!

Suppose as a healthy male you run at something like 400-800ng/dl of testosterone on average. Now if you introduce even a SMALL amount of hormone into your system, you’ll shut down natty test production and have extremely LOW levels of testosterone. Your not producing any test, and that small amount that you’re applying is only going to provide sub-physiological levels of a “replacement amount”

Yes, you can just rub a “little” hormone on and have sub-normal levels of test now.

Welcome to limp dick and bitch tit land guys…have a blast.


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