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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

>Today i measured again, and i gained another eighth of an inch in flaccid(stretch) and erect length(BP). I did no PE. Total gains, 3/8 of an inch in 14 days.<

Just an observation: you are doing PE by stretching to measure. Granted, it’s not much. I gained 1/2” my first month from a very minimal routine, only doing about half a dozen workouts.

Also, you have stopped masturbating? Does this include sex too? If I went more than a few days without blowing a load I’d have very frequent and very hard erections. If this is happening to you it could explain the size increase - your dick has become healthier, living up more toward its potential, and also actually increasing in size as a result of the “super erections.” IIRC, you said you are taking yohimbe. This may also be helping the quality of your erections.

I suspect you would make excellent gains with a regular PE routine. Why not give it a try? Then, if you must, experiment with your cream when you hit a plateau.

Personally, I’m not going to try it. I don’t need it or the problems it can cause. And I am familiar with how to restart T production after a cycle. You guys fooling with this stuff had better be too, and have the necessary drugs.

Avocet gave excellent advice. Unless you need T replacement, stay away from the stuff. The potential exists to permanently fuck yourself.

Thanks Avocet, for the concern.

I did order the stuff, it was of neglible cost, and I’m always hip to new approaches.

(Or old approaches that come back into fashion)

I’m also not limited by what I know or reason. Insofar as PE is concerned, I take a very pragmatic approach:

Does ‘it’ produce gains?

I’m pumping not because I’ve scrutinized all the theories for and against it, I’m pumping because most long-term pumpers have big dicks.

So far, I’ve only uncovered 7 people who have tried the 4ad approach.

But 6 of them have reported gains.

The jury is still out on this one, but I think it’s worth examining.


(However, safety concerns will play a big part on whether I give this a go or not)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

I hate to say this, but I am interested in this. As long as there are a few Guinea pigs out there to try it out, I’ll wait a few months to see what happens.

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


I will post my results (or lack thereof) in about 2 weeks. I took detailed measurements before starting.

Hobby, you bring up good points. I use yohimbe as control, it gets max blood to my penis, and adds a little length when im on it. So i measured before the 4ad cream w/ yohimbe, and during, w/yohimbe. Also, ive gone weeks w/o masturbating before, and erection size was not effected. all were very good thoughts though.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Also, you have stopped masturbating? Does this include sex too?

I had no sex and no masturbation. Though if the oppurtunity came up, i probably would have wrecked my experiment to bang some chick.

I did stretch when i measured flaccid length. I concluded that it shouldnt cause a growth in size. Well, you guys are the experts, would 3 seconds of stretching get me gains?

Hobby: Yes i thought about learning some PE techniques. But im a scientist, i really fell like seeing how well this will work. Im sure jelqing does work. Its the unkown that intrigues me. I thoerize that there may even be a specific androgen that cause penis growth, as w/ tamar wallabe. Scientist found with there species, that androstanediol(a DHT deriv) causes growth of the penis. I guess given the recent advances in genetics, ill bet there may be a protein/androgen/AR/enzyme that actually causes penis growth, and that if that signal were amplified, it would be a safe way to get a larger penis. Id bet millions, that sometime in the future there will be something discovered that grows the penis.

By the way, there is also verification from my pheromone forum that putting them topically on your penis causes growth. Since one of them is, androsterone, which is very very close to DHT, it would lead me to believe it is a DHT derivitive which is responsible for penile growth.

*Note: When i say DHT derivatives, i mean 5 alpha reduced androgens.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Will you stop saying its impossible now?

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

I too have read about topical testosterone applied directly to the penis, I was a member of Big Al’s site still am but this is my new home anyway the guy I read about was Dr. K. Michael Reicher (aka Shoesize on some other boards) he applied it before a pe workout and only every other day so he would not shut down his own natural T production he posted that he went from 6” to 10” in 8 month I think you can read about it at this yahoo group

Just type in keywords in the search engine like (androgel, K. Michael Reicher) just register at yahoo if you haven’t already it free.

Also here is information on prohormes if u is interested

I do believe that this works somehow and I will try it in the near future
I’m still on a cycle of nor-derm(Nor-diol) which convert to nandrolone(19Nortestosterone) I will start applying a small bit to my penis for the next week or so until it runs up just to see but I would prefer a PH that converts straight to testosterone or real testosterone cream.

And to all the nay sayers that’s fine that you have you input about this but for the people interested in it let them be just remember the first time you started pe when you read about hanging 10-15-20 pounds off your dick now that doesn’t seem to safe does it but it is if you self educated yourself which I think is the keyword here.

>Hey look! More Independant Verification.<


Stooping to the level of calling this crap “verification” damages what little credibility you had in this forum.

Please watch the spelling and capitalization in your posts. Being in college, you should stay on top of those things. Thanks. :)

I dont give a crap about spelling. Please inform how this does not qualify of VERRIFFICATTOIN (is that how you spell it?) that this works for some people.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Thanks pumpin4big. Ill bet that there is a ‘best’ prohormone out there. Keep us aprised. NorTest may give better or worse results. Good Luck.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars


>Also here is information on prohormes if u is interested<

Please read the forum guidelines. Whimper if you like as I perform my Spelling Nazi duties. ;) However, there is a reason for keeping posts in comprehensible English. Our foreign friends have a hard enough time understanding proper English. Slang really throws them for a loop.

Be kind; please write to the best of your ability. Thanks.


>I dont give a crap about spelling.<

You will if you’re banned for failing to abide by the forum guidelines. You seem like a smart guy. Don’t insult the members here with inferior writing.

I said i dont give a crap becuase you blatently insulted me

“Being in college, you should stay on top of those things”

I was pritty sure anyone who could speak english (1st or 2nd language) could understand , “Independant Verification”, if anyone out there couldnt, please let me know.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars


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