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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

Re: Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

Originally posted by Jones8315

PLEASE: Repost this in popular PE forums. This could be the real deal.
Also, do not whine about the 'risks'. Go somewhere else and bitch. There is a lot of science behind this. Post if your going to try this, then post your results. If you have questions, feel free to ask me.
One final word. The risks are small. The potential for finding a real solution for PE is great.

OK, and go stick your unit in a meat grinder and don’t bitch and whine about the risks. Hey, ya know what? We already have a real solution to PE, its called hard work. You are of course free to post this stuff, just as guys that are actually PEing are free to question your intentions, your sources, and your conclusions.

To those of us that are internet savvy your style of writing appears to match the profile for one of the sub-species of troll. Are you a Troll? I don’t know, just letting you know that if you are not, your writing style may well be causing some to react poorly to you. If your are serious about PE start reading up on how it works, try the techniques and, over time, start posting. THEN people will take you a little more seriously.

We have MD’s, pharmacists, Professional bodybuilders/athletes, university profs, Thunder’s is a f*cking brain trust. Just showing up and saying “Hey I’m a chemistry student, lots of science behind my theory, don’t question the risks” Doesn’t impress anyone.

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When I first heard of this theory, I was interested.

Now that it has inspired the wrath of Thunders brain trust, I am even moreso.


Seriously folks, I’d like to hear more about this…both for and against.


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


You ordered, right? Don’t take it until you learn more is my advice. You are already on the road to gains, and you are not unwilling to work for them.

If men who do testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), [emphasis on the “replacement” part because their own systems are not making enough, hence their health problems], had penile growth as a side effect, we’d have heard about this long ago. Androgel, just one system, is applied transdermally, not far from the genitals. The men who use this are happy to feel good again and have erections - their objects. I read a lot of info from users of TRT. If they got bigger dicks, you can be sure this would be mentioned, over and over.

Be careful.



So, if I get some of this wondercream…apply it to my penis…AND start an intense jelqing routine….I should grow huge?? Ok, I’m done hanging. LOL .


couple of questions guys. i have been doin this for about 2 days now. One thing I have noticed is that my nuts hand LOWER (ie their bigger) could that just be a temporary thing (like only in the beginning?) also for the resident hormone specialists — I am only using a small amout. The bottle says to apply 5-10 squirts twice daily. I am using about 0.75 squirts twice daily. that should make a significant difference as far as the risks go correct?

Druid - new member - using the stuff. If we were all experienced PEers here, who could say, “Aah, okay, thanks for th info. I think I’ll stick with what’s been working for me,” things would be different. But there are loads of *brand new* guys here, with little track records of gains, who are aching to see some sort of a result until they can’t fucking stand it and will do and risk anything to get big. Therein lies the danger, gents. Please correct me if’n I’m wrong here.

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You my friend hit the nail square on the head.

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Sup druid. Yeah i noticed that too initially. It went away.

People have brought up very good points about safety. It is my educated opinion*** that the risks are small, due to the fact that the dose is small.

Today i measured again, and i gained another eighth of an inch in flaccid(stretch) and erect length(BP). I did no PE. Total gains, 3/8 of an inch in 14 days.

avocet: Again, its the application directly to the penis which i theorize causes the change. I hate repeating this.

Yes, im going to harp on the no masturbation thing. Its what im doing, so if you want to replicate what im doing, then youll have to trust me.

Why dont we wait 1 or 2 weeks to see if the new people report gains-before you all claim this doesnt work.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Jones - are you keeping track of your testicle size? Might be interesting to see if they change.

I feel them every day to make sure theres nothing abnormal. If they shrink, ill know.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

i found about natural PE a few years ago(around 17 or 18) (i found thunders probably around a month ago — great place BTW). I did it for a month or so then stop. I started up agian about 6months ago. I have been mainly jelqing, and I have gained about .25” in girth and my dick is way more vascular now. in fact I am gonna jelq every other day. for me jelqing every other day makes a world of difference (at least in the way I feel). I also have a bib hanger. I am trying this prohormone thingie, because it is a low dose, and I don’t really care about hair loss. I started thining at 20 or so, I am now 23 and I shave my head blad. I will go blad it is just a matter of time. Male pattern baldness runs on both sides of my family, and some of the males on my mother side were prematurely bald. If I see any signs (and I mean the slightest) of my balls shrinking I will stop immediately and not look back. I will measure at the 1 week and 2 week mark and if there are no results I will stop. I also take ZMA, and whey protein drinks and lift weights.

Oh and sorry I will not stop masturbating (or ejculating for that matter) I have seriously cut back in the last six months. Now I do it every 2-3 days MAX. And I will not turn down any sex! :)

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My apoligies Thunder.

If you cant stop, just do it sparingly, like druid. I lift, not religously, but it helps keep you health, and its puts to use that extra jolt of testosterone. so its a good idea. One other thing ive been doing, is warming up my PH in the microwave, it helps aborbotion. there was a study done with rats, that showed higher temp was beneficial. i dont feel like finding it again, i hope its common sense.

Also, im going to ask someone i know whose been doing this (from another forum), to talk to you guys.

Remeber, keep things constant. The goal if the exp. is reproducubility, if you dont follow exactly what i ask, then do what druid did, and say what the variation is. I think some of you guys who have spent year on PE are a little upset that there is even a possibility that something like this could work.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars


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