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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

Jones-multiple pro-hormones

“I am testing other pro-hormones too.”

This is the last sentence of the first paragraph of his first post.

Gee, this post is so long. Does anyone remember if he stated what else he was taking? If so, where is it?


I know he was on Yohimbe. I don’t recall anything else at this time. I do have his email addy, so I’ll ask him.

Hey cya at 8 I’m going to try this out but I’m I little confused about the types of carriers like msm and gel # 3 from avant labs.Is this gel # 3 suitable for this it say it not but maybe that to cover it up anyway if it is I was thinking of using gel # 3 for the delivery of either androgel or a prohormone like 4ad or maybe 3 alpha if I was to use the gel 3 would I just mix the other in with it and rub it on and how would you use 3 alpha since it is a powder?

Any help would be great especially on the carriers

would this stuff be of any help

Hydroxypropyl-Beta Cyclodextrin…products_id=459


My personal opinion of Avant is that they are not worried about the safety of their products as much as results. This is made clear by Par’s almost recommendation of MDMA (ecstasy) in issue #14 of their magazine. Arguing for this drug will wear on your credibility.

Gel #3 seems to be a site specific transdermal. I dont personally know of the credibility of his statement. I would say that it will most definitely increase the risks ten fold. Add in 3alpha and you have a good possibility of prostate enlargement. 4ad would have a slightly safer effect but also dangerous since the prostate has its own 5ar. Also the fact you need to mix this yourself, with a powder, brings even more risks. I don’t recommend doing this for these reasons.

The penetration enhancer you posted that link to could be VERY uncomfortable for a sensitive region such as the penis. Jones claimed success with IPM and this would be a better choice to use than the unknowns. Jones posted a link on where you can get IPM.

MSM is also considered to be a penetration enhancer but it seems to lower the activity of enzymes which would be counter productive.

Please don’t try to be a chemist and attempt this route. You taking more chances than might be necessary considering the low amount of results from 4aderm. What I am saying is that no one has claimed good results as of yet so why take more risks when the results are unproven?

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At this point, I don’t think this can be done safely. I don’t want to be apart of someone screwing themselves up so when #3 gets to here. I think I’ll use it to make my chest bigger. Maybe my arms but its not going on my dick. I dont need that grief either.

This has went beyond an experiment to just plain nuts.


I asked his eary on about other prohormones, but I don’t recall his answer.


This will work better if I put on my glasses.

I don’t think Jones answered my question.

Page 19, Post 281

In response to my question, Jones wrote he had tried 3 alpha.


Should that product be combined with what we have been using to make our dicks suddenly swell like Dr. Richter’s big 10 inch boner? LOL just wondering. I agree 2-3 days won’t change anything.

I have started doing PE again after emailing Shiver. It can’t hurt and it might help my rod grow. I am three weeks on the product this upcoming Tuesday. I will measure and inspect my slab of meat at that time. Later,



Yikes, don’t put that stuff on your penis! LOL

“I have started doing PE again after emailing Shiver. It can’t hurt and it might help my rod grow. I am three weeks on the product this upcoming Tuesday. I will measure and inspect my slab of meat at that time.”

I think I write for many when I say that we eagerly await your report. It would be interesting if you penis somehow felt different during or responded differently to the exercises.


Bear in mind that Dr. Reicher is/was using Androgel (testosterone in IPM) along with PE. A couple of guys here will vouch for androgel (I haven’t tried it), but everything else mentioned here is just guesswork.

The Critical Measurement,

Twenty days today and I decided to measure and check my boy out.

Change in length- 1/8 inch I am now a full (not super excited) 8 3/8 without my cockring. I don’t view that as significant change from 8 1/4,

Girth- A little more complicated. Hang is thicker I am sure of that. I am slightly large at the base of my dick fully 6 1/4. It is starting to look more tapered and that is a change. My smallest mid shaft is now close to 6 like the rest of my rod. So there are some changes in a short time with very little PE.

Plan- Started back regular PE on a moderate schedule. Try the product every other day for one more week. Stay off for a week and recuperated. Then may finish the bottle on an every other day routine.

Do you feel that you would probably have got the 1/8” without the product in that timescale doing whatever else was in your routine?

It would be interesting to know if it happened in week 1/2/3 or across all of them.


Length change occured at least a week ago. Could have been from prior PE. I have done very little the last three weeks until this weekend.


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