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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes

So confusing.

Do you think that all guys on this type of routine can post what product they are using and what they are doing.



Hmmm, interesting, I’m waiting for the others to chime in.


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Explain what’s impressive does it look bigger or more just more veiny?

Also I’m wondering if you guys get gains how much will you lose when you stop, because if you lose most than the return on the risk taken isn’t worth it.


Yes. Things looked more veinier. Its been a few days off cycle. No decrease in size. Others have also reported that gains are permanent.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Originally posted by pelearner
I believe, from what I read, it shuts down your bodies testosterone making and your testicles go into atrophy.


<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Im not an expert I was just saying that adding a foreign testosterone into your body can’t be good. I dont know if this stuff will do it, but andogel probably would.

7.7 bp

5.4 mid girth

6 base girth

Hey Dino,

Sorry, the “impressive” bit was in response to Jones’s results.

Mine are pending. I would gush over my recent results, however…

1) I just started pumping.
2) I just started 10gs of Arginine a day.
3) And I just began the 4-AD cycle.

(I use Avant Labs, 4ADerm, topical gel. It’s discontinued…but you still may find it on the internet)

Too many variables at work to tell what’s responsible for very recent improvements.

Whatever is going on, though, has taken my PE to a new level.

(But pumping improves circulation and Arginine is notorious for creating iron erections, so I can’t say if it’s the prohormone or not. But I am bigger.)

Give me a few weeks, and I’ll give some definite stats. Perhaps then we can suss out what was responsible.

Gotta pump/jelq/andro now!


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


The way I see this is I may loose a little when I stop working out just like I went on vacation for a few weeks. I should be able to do some maintenance or pick it back up in a few weeks.

If this stuff really works, it should make me grow in a few weeks on the first cycle so that I pick up at least a half inch and am thicker. It shouldn’t be a marginal variance in measuring, my dick should be bigger and I should know it. In a month or two I should be a bigger guy or it isn’t worth the risks. I have already scheduled an appoinment with my urologist. in August to check me out totally. I don’t want to hurt myself even if I am crazy, after all I am already big. I confess I would like a monster dick. If Dr. Richter’s story is true you would have to grow your whole dick ligs and all to grow from 6 to 10. I am also willing to get an androgel prescription if necessary. Jones claims he is growing with this stuff. I bought it. I believe it will work. I do need to stop jacking off because it causes a drop in testosterone. I will see how it works on me. In the last year I have had good girth on jelquing..I will give this a try ..It seems logical to me. If I grow in length or girth I will be honest and let all you guys know but I will not recommend it to anyone.

Thanks guys, I’m sitting at the edge of my computer chair wondering if you guys are on the verge of a major break through in PE, or if this is one of those things that are better left undone.

What are the ages of you guys? I’m wondering if older guys would get more of a response do to being on the lower side of the “T” scale.


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I have gained back the bit I lost plus 1/16. Not convinced yet but its headed that way. My G is gaining as well. I only do VERY light stretches and jelqs. Total workout time is 5 minutes. I am 29.

Ok guys I think i’m going to give this a go………

What is the best product to buy for this purpose……….preferabaly from someone who is using it, and any tips on safe usage would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Id just like to say that to those on this, try not to wash your genitals too much. Studies have show that topicals absorb 24+ hours once applied.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Y’know, I’m kinda with Bigone on this one. I’ll report any results I get (if any), but I think I’ll refrain from recommending it.

The more I ponder it, the more “Frankenstein-ian” (for lack of a better term), it becomes.

Back to the lab…


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Id just like to say that to those on this, try not to wash your genitals too much. Studies have show that topicals absorb 24+ hours once applied.

Does this suggest that my penis should not come in contact with my sack for the next 3 weeks?

This might be difficult…


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Northstar, it doesnt mean that. I just separate them until it is dry. You will be fine. I have 0 problems since that night, including prostate problems. All is well over here.

I wouldnt know if it is for everyone but if the people who do this use some caution, I believe they will be fine as long as you cycle.

Jones should advice you on the products but I think everyone is on 4ad from either 1fast or your local store.

what I want to know is where I can buy a pre-made solution and how ot use it…..

dudes please help me out here.


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