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Gain .5 inch/month with no excersizes


To be honest, it felt like it was moving round lots the first night. Today it is normal. It got hard this morning when I massaged it some.

I must try to stop jacking off so much so I can keep my testosterone level really high.

I will measure tonight. I took measurements before I started using this stuff. I am also jelqing every other day for 75-100 reps. quality reps at about 80% erect, 2-3 seconds each, doward. using baby oil as lube. then I wash off real good and apply the 4-ad. I have been using a squirt of 4-ad every day, 2 applications per day. I have had no problems with my testicles, they hang as low as they always have (perhaps a little lower). I shave my head so I can’t tell you about hair line. no problems urinating, which I think would be a sign of enlargement.

My use of this product has not been subjective, I just want to know if it works. I have been a member of thunders for a couple of months now and I do the exercises and I have gained. I just want to know if I can gain some more. I only know jones from online, and only since I started with this 4-AD stuff.

Also this maxoderm stuff claims to be able to enlarge? Is it a hormone/prohormone? Has anyone here used it?


From reading what Dr. Reicher did, I believe he put on the required amount of his androgel and waited an hour and then jelqued. Also, the bottle of the prohormone suggests 5 squirts or more. I put on 5-7 and rub it in slowly and let it dry. I keep my balls wrapped in a small towel which might help protect them some from a direct application of the product.

Check Jones first post to see his recommendation that got him some growth. I want to put on enough of this stuff to give it a chance to grow. I am going to use it a full month and check each week. I intend to do 15 minutes of jelquing every other day to see if a light workout helps for growth.

Hope we grow….

I feel that a full application is too much, that is why I went with one squirt. I haven’t measured yet, but it def. feels bigger.

“The whole ideal is that, when you are erect, the blood is trapped in the the CC and CS and therefore you can get an local effect from that alone regardless of the carrier you use”

One thing I sometimes do is watch porn after I apply the 4AD. Maybe thats the key. If your on 4AD, watch some porn post-appliction, try not to touch your dick, you dont want to rub the stuff off. Keeping an errection could help enhance the local effect.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

“DHT is the stimulatory growth factor responsible for full development of the external genitalia in males. A novel use of DHT may be the topical application to congenitally undersized genitalia to enhance penile growth.”

Highlights From the VII
International Congress of Andrology
held in Montreal, Canada

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Ok here are my results after 8 days. I had some gains. I took a lot of measurements for both flacid and erect but some of the flaccid measurements I feel are tainted because I had trouble not getting erect. IMHO erect is what counts anyway(especially ELBP). So my ELBP & ELNBP went up by 1/8 of an inch and my base and midshaft girth went up by 1/16”. So far so good, no ill side effects (other that having this stinky stuff on your penis — it smells like suntan lotion mixed with alcohol). It seems to be working but I will reserve my final judgement until about the middle of august (after it has been 1 month — I started July 8th).

Jones — Have you found any studys in which topical androgens were used on males with normal gentials?

Misconception #2: You Can Increase Penile Size Without Surgery
There are no proven non-surgical methods of penile enlargement. Vacuum devices simply cause engorgement by drawing blood into the penis. (While these devices are very useful tools in the management of erectile dysfunction (ED), they do not progressively enlarge the penis.) No natural pill has any ability whatsoever to enhance penile size. Even Viagra does nothing to permanently affect penile size. Topical testosterone cream used in childhood can increase penile size by accelerating the effects of puberty, but there is no proof that testosterone cream applied to the adult penis enhances penile size.

Misconception #2: You Can Increase Penile Size Without Surgery

No proof huh? The very fact that they mentioned it makes me wonder.…20&fl=0&fr=slv1

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

Nice goin Druid. Yes, the study exists, I think (from the title it looks like what we want). Its just a bitch getting your hands on it. My library is getting it to me.

Mr jones and me..... Gonna be big stars

I would like to add that I am also on 4ad. I am doing a cycle type method and taking every precaution that I can think of. You need a cover for your testis if you are going to apply at night. I woke up in the middle of the night with a tingling sensation because I failed to do this myself. Yes it was actually in the testis itself. (this is the hard way to prove local effect)

Do not use anything that will starve them of oxygen but make sure the gel is dry and clean off any excess on your pecker. Then use a thick cloth to separate your pecker from your balls. Any other method that will do this all night without slipping off (2 sets off underwear, underwear and boxers) will be fine.

I am not working out because I would like to know for sure if this is the reason I am growing. So far, I have actually lost alittle of length. I would think this is because I am loosing some of the stretched length from working out. But, I have gained girth. This could be from better blood flow but man does if feel thick. This is my 3rd day on this.

If I am correct then gains from PE ARE from stretching the tunica and ligs. The tunica responds by slowly thickening it up again over time. This could be why you gain fast in the beginning and hit a plateau. After awhile the tunica begins to thicken once again and the plateau is broken. There would actually not be any micro tear affect to speak off. (another guess but it sounds logical since you do loose a bit of L if you dont “cement” your gains)

That link I posted isnt for actual growth. It is a vasculator only. Similar to the pills that are out on the market now. I said it would help because it, good blood flow to the penis is extremly important no matter what method you use.


This is excellent we should now get a very good unbiased report if this shit works or not and how safe it is. Be safe guys

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This rocks!! I can’t wait to hear the results….


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