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GABA and you


You never sleep? Feel like doing my schoolwork for me then?;) How much do you actually sleep? Are you doing Tai Chi Or Qu Kong (sp?)? I heard a few NYC Grad students did that and only had to sleep 4 hours a night.

Are you a calm person to begin with? Does the GABA relax you at all? Have you seen it working that way?I am overprone for anxiety. So I am really looking into this.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


>If it allows me to get the equivalent of 8 hours in 6 it has me sold.<

That spiel in your first post is all very nice if you are selling the stuff, and may be true but in real life the effects are different. It’s not a good BB supplement, but I can tell you it DOES improve your sleep. It’s a long time since I took it and I can’t remember what effect it had on dreaming and all that, but I found this in my old progress report:

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It’s the last paragraph in post 1 that has the relevant report, you can safely ignore the rest.

twat, if this works like a neuro trans-oxy-hydro-blahmitter thingy, will it improve your concentration and stuff? I took it before bed so I don’t know.


I’ve lost body fat because of GABA. The thing I notice most is a calmness that I feel through out the day. I take it in the morning as well as the night. Many of the things listed are true of GABA. It stimulates the release of endorphins as well. HGH has been proven as a result of GABA. For some, it ma not have the effect as with others. It may depend greatly on the amount of GABA in your system.

Can it help you concentrate? Only if the reason you cant is because of an anxiety disorder. Then it will allow your brain not to “freeze” up when confronted with stress. As far as PE, I dont think it have any benefit and could cause the tunica to strengthen at an accelerated rate. The choice is ofcourse, yours to make.

SS4Jelq: Thank you Spiderman. Was it as good as GHB? restwise of course. You can’t own that stuff in America now. Too many date rapes from it. Though I did know some strippers who took it to improve female orgasm.

CYA at 8: Keep the info rolling. I appreciate your efforts. Truly an interesting choice of to take it or not to take it. I mean no one wants a tensile steel strength tunica now do we?

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I’ve never known anything as good as GHB for getting such a refreshing sleep in such a small amount of time. I have GABA around here somewhere, but don’t bother with it often as it’s not a patch on what GHB was. Alas, they outlawed it in the UK also earlier this year.

Curiously I’ve found ZMA sometimes helped me sleep, though the most profound effect was very vivid dreams rather than rediced sleep time.



What is ZMA? I don’t think I ever heard of it.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I take roughly 4+g a day and sometimes more. In my mind, it has made on hell of a difference in my over all attitude toward life. I’ve never been as calm as I am on it so I will continue to use it indefinitely. Much of the literature on GABA suggests that it doesnt cross the blood-brain barrier with much ability. It seems weird that it could have this effect if it couldnt cross the barrier. I have taken liquid GHB before in my earlier days and know that GHB has an entirely different feel to it. Some research also suggests that some of the ingested GABA is converted to GHB.

GABA would work best with Niacin or a derivative. I have no real interest in the GH that the secretagogue induces. That is just an added benefit from my release from anxiety.


>Only if the reason you cant is because of an anxiety disorder. Then it will allow your brain not to “freeze” up when confronted with stress.<

Oh I see, helps you out in those stressful moments but wont actually make you better. That is ok I guess.


>Was it as good as GHB? restwise of course.<

Have I used GHB? I dunno what GHB is, either you have me mixed with another dude or some kind of memory loss has happened to one or both of us.


Originally posted by twatteaser

What is ZMA? I don't think I ever heard of it.

ZMA is Zinc Magnesium Aspartate. Most of the health food stores carry it. Most say that you have adequate levels in your diet already unless your a professional athlete or some other high demand role. I don’t have any particular views on that other than I can definately tell the difference, and I like that difference.

If you’re curious, its relatively cheap to try, but don’t expect anything life changing other than remembering some very interesting vivid dreams.


I’ve been taking GABA, and have definately noticed that I sleep better, also my concentration and memory has improved. Though, this could be the cause of getting more sleep. Also, I noticed I am much calmer and much better at handling stressful situations. I’m gonna keep taking GABA because I feel it helps, if not with PE, than with other things in my life. I have also lost a little fat around my stomach (even though i was already a really lean guy).


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I’ve taken GABA off and on for years to help me relax at the end of the day and get some quality sleep. It can provoke a flushing sensation and tingling in the face similar to niacin but in general it has seemed to be free of any serious side effects. As for the GH release, it may help in some people but I don’t know if there’s a good double-blind study out there to illustrate that effect. I think it might be worth trying if you suffer from mild anxiety as it does exhibit an inhibitory effect on the CNS. For the record, although I rarely take it anymore (I use valerian extract to get the Z’s these days) I was using about 2-4 grams an hour before bedtime.

I am interested in the GH release from GABA, I already take NOX2 and have had good results(at the gym) from the GH it helps produce, so that’s why I’m interested in this product.

Does anyone know of a good cheap source for large amounts of GABA?
So far these are the best I’ve seen:
100g powder = $12.49
90 caps 750mg = $10.49
90 caps = $8.94

800g powder = 74.95 This would appear to be the best bulk deal, however the link tells me little about the content of this stuff, is it 800g of pure GABA? Of 800g of their product at some other GABA ratio?

As for the effect on PE, could it really have an adverse effect?

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