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Full Spectrum Minerals

Full Spectrum Minerals

I’ve mentioned it here in a few threads, so I thought I would make it it’s own thread. I consider this real important stuff. I make no money off any of this, I have found it personally very beneficial,and all the people who have tried it have benefited.

So I don’t have to write 30 pages, go to and go to FAQ at the top of the page and click it. Then go to THE POWER OF MINERALS. Read it!!! I’ve been experimenting with this stuff (minerals) for about 6 years and am totally convinced it is critical for optimum health. The product sold on this site is good, and can be bought on other sites (TRC minerals). My current recommendations to people are to get your major minerals from a good multi-mineral tablet (about 12 total), make sure it is amino acid chelated. This boosts the absorption to 60-70%. Then for the rest of them (total of 72!) I recommend Okinawan coral calcium, which can be bought fairly cheaply these days. Seaweed is also a good source, especially Kelp (get Icelandic, the water is cleaner). With kelp, be mindful of the max dosages, the iodine is a limiting factor in how much you should take. Don’t exceed the max recommended dosage.

Be healthy!

Sparkyx, could you tell us a few of the positive effects you’ve noticed?

I went on a colloidal mix (I forget the brand) several years back where you were supposed to take a capful per day. I have to say that my feeling of well being was subtle but good, and the unexplainable sudden nervousness bouts I had pretty much vanished. I didn’t keep it up as it was around £30 per month which was a lot of money for me at the time for what was essentially bottled water (good though it was).

I’m getting more milage every day, and money aint all that, so perhaps I might investigate this again. Do any of these companies to a monthly dropship program or similar?

Hey man///

how to see that is amino acid chelated?
You read it?


I am interested in your results as well…

you take always, all months, or you make some

pause with it?


The good results complied from myself and others who have done this;
better sleep
increased libido
much less colds and flu
improvement of constipation
improved fibromyalgia
better bone density
improved fertility
improvement of cardiac arrhythmia’s
reversal of macular degeneration
improvement of prostatic hypertrophy
increased energy
decreased body stiffness
these are some of the improvements I have observed either in myself or others I know.

To know if it is amino acid chelated, usually it will say. Also check the composition, the cheaper ones are bound with oxides, carbonates, sulfides. Some of the good ones are orotates, aspartates, citrates, lactates,lysinates,taurinates. That is to say, for example, a superior magnesium suppliment would be magnesium aspartate, an inferior one is magnesuim oxide.


There are many good brands, Twin Labs, Country Life, KAL, Solaray, NOW. These are fine for vitamins and mutilminerals. For the full spectrum minerals, the TRC is good, any Okinawan coral calcium, and kelp is also a good source,as is most seaweed. Kelp is very good, and can be purchased almost anywhere for a reasonable price. I recommend Icelandic kelp, because of the clean waters it grows in. You shouldn’t have to pay a ton of money for good health. Shop around and you can find a good deal. I get KAL Amino Max, which I pay about $13.00 for 250 tablets, I take 2 a day which provides the major minerals. I buy the cheapest Okin. coral calcium I can find which runs me about $7.00 for a bottle of 60 tablets of which I take 1-2 a day. I have my kids and wife doing the same (when I remind them!) and they also do much better (don’t get sick, improved sleep, improved energy, look better, etc.)



I started buying the Coral Calcium in pill form and I found it to be quite expensive. It didn’t take me long to start buying it in bulk form. MUCH cheaper. I just mix 1 1/2 tsp. in a glass of water and chug it down. It really doesn’t have a taste just a little gritty. Overall it is the way to go. Or you can purchase the gelatin capsules and make your own pills from the bulk, if you prefer.

I pay about $20.00 a pound and that is with shipping. My last shipment I bought 6 pounds and it was even cheaper. The site I get mine from is If you go there, you can find the Coral.

Another major benefit that you failed to mention was the balancing of your stomach acids. I use to take Tums all the time for heartburn and nightly acid reflux. Since starting the Coral, I haven’t touched a Tums and never get heartburn or acid reflux. For that alone, I will continue to take it for the rest of my life.

I hope this helps;



I wouldn’t be surprised if you are no longer getting heartburn, because something is FUNCTIONING better, not just that you are neutralizing the stomach acid.




I have tried coral calcium and found no difference at all.

I have also read alot about Vitamins and Minerals and from the articles written, they say that Coral Calcium is a huge scam and that the reason the Okinawans live so well and long is because of thier diet and lifestyle and not because of the calcium in the waters near them. They also mention that Chelation doesn’t give any advantage.

Having said that I do believe like you mention that minerals are important and that we should all take them for insurance sake (meaning just in case we don’t consistently get them in our diets).

But, I’m no expert, just reporting on what I’ve read.


Coral Calcium…I think I use that for my saltwater aquarium.

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

Leave the coral calcium alone. The polyps need it. Either you killed the coral polyps for the calcium, or, in most cases where the polyps have died already, the reason is pollution, in which case you might not want that calcium. Coral reefs worldwide are being destroyed, like toys in the hands of a toddler. If you really want calcium, eat more dark green vegetables. You know should be eating more anyway, and they have a wonderful guilt-free flavor. :D

And while I’m at it, don’t eat shark cartilage, either. It’s not going to cure/prevent cancer. Most shark species are also in danger of dying out.

Ditto for the shark Cartillage…it doesn’t do shit and it’s been proven. Leave them alone.

I haven’t checked this thread in a long time.

Let me clear up some mis-information. If you buy Okinawan Coral Calcium from the above ground source, it does no harm to anything. It is ancient coral long removed (by nature) from the ocean, and the polyps are long gone. They are also formed long before man polluted anything except his village latrine.

If you have not noticed anything, do you think that means it has no benefits for anyone?

If you use Coral Calcium, it should be for the full spectrum minerals (72) that it supplies, that are extreme difficult to get in regular food (read soil depletion)…not particularly for the calcium.


Oh yeah, as far as the articles…most of these articles are comparing coral calcium with other forms of calcium. I agree. Calcium citrate is better absorbed. As well, there are many forms that are as good and much cheaper, forms of CALCIUM.

However, the real issue is that it is an highly absorbable form of broad spectrum minerals. So the question you need to ask yourself is do you believe that we have better health when we get all the minerals that we evolved with, or do you believe as time goes on mankind needs less and less of these?
My personal experience has shown me that many people, when they get the full range of minerals that mankind has evolved with, do better. Soil depletion is no joke, and a subject anyone interested in long life and good health should look into.


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