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I’m no chemist but I wouldn’t be too worried about the timing of the wine/tea extracts. They enhance the ALCAR/l-ornithine, but they’re not fundamental to it.

So perhaps take your wine/green tea extracts at breakfast or lunchtime and follow the perscription for ALCAR/l-ornithine after dinner.


The green tea extract is for preventing cancer, that may be enhanced by the increased growth hormone.

This is an AWESOME site to buy the amino acids CHEAP !…ids_single.html (they are on this page)

ALCAR at about $10.00 for 100 grams, pure powder.

Ornithine at $11.50 for 100 grams, pure powder.

Take about 6 grams of L-Ornithine and put it in the 100 grams of ALCAR, and you have the right proportions.

Shake it up very well before each use (its powder) then measure out about 525 to 530 mg on a double beam balance. Buy that from Edmunds Scientific for about $25.00…_Q_pn_E_3036028 (site for the balance)

I’ve ordered from both, they are reliable.

Take the cancer precautions seriously…the researchers who developed this protocol did!

I have been experimenting with different GH releasers since the early part of this thread, and this is probably one of the best, and if you order from the above sites…its the cheapest!


Since I went though the effort above, let me go ahead and do it completely.

The authors recommend a range of ornithine of 20-30 mg into 500 mg of ALCAR.

That works out to 4, 5, or 6 grams of Ornithine to 100 grams of ALCAR. They state that more IS NOT better! Do not exceed the max number (30mg of Ornithine/day) or dose of 530mg each nite of the formula.

If you order from the places above, this can be done cheaply and acurately.



How long have you been taking the mix and what benefits have you realised overtime. I ask this because I was taking the stuff for about three months, my problem was remembering to take it prior going to bed and on an empty stomach. I only missed about a day or two each week and didn’t see any benefits.

Originally Posted by wadfile

How long have you been taking the mix and what benefits have you realised overtime. I ask this because I was taking the stuff for about three months, my problem was remembering to take it prior going to bed and on an empty stomach. I only missed about a day or two each week and didn’t see any benefits.

I used it for a while and got better sleep and good muscle and strength gains at the gym. I stopped taking it because even though I’m on Propecia I noticed an increased rate of hair loss. I might start again for a couple of months to muscle up at the gym but I like hair to much to stick with it.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Sorry about that, I hit the wrong key, let me finish.

This doesn’t cause GH release…it AMPLIFIES IT! As you get older, you get less GH releases, this will increase it. If you are working out, it is an even greater effect.

I am 47, and what I notice is that it is much easier to lean out. As the years have progressed, it has been getting harder to get that six pack. This has allowed me to lose fat like I am in my late twenties to early thirties again.

You will also notice changes in your skin, it will tighten up.

It is important to take a overall good supplimentation with this, to provide your body with the materials it needs to help rebuild your body.

My recommendations are a good multi vitamin, coral calcium, a amino acid chelated multiple mineral, essential fatty acids and of course eat good minimally processed whole foods. Oh yeah, last but maybe the most important of all…about 4-10 grams of vitamin C a day.

Linus Pauling really was way ahead of his time on this one! Remember he was the only man to recieve TWO Nobel prizes. Do you think maybe he was on to something?

Read this to get some basic info on the topic;


Anyway, I am planning on experimenting with the Vit C, Lysine, proline combo. This should prevent both heart disease and cancer. I think its good to take the cancer warning seriuosly when using GH releasers. Actually with heart disease and cancer so high these days, it would be good for everyone to look into it.


oh yeah, by the way Wadfile, if you don’t make sure your stomach is really empty, and take it right before sleep, you WON’T see any results.

The authors stated that it will take about a year to reverse as much of the aging as can be reversed at the point you start taking it.

If you get the materials from where I recommended, its pretty damn cheap…about $50.00 for the whole year!


I was reading through this thread yesterday and it interested me very much. I have been checking out sites and reports on hGH and Testosterone etc, since I workout 5 days a week. Anyways to my point.

I see people here are making their own pills but my local health food store a mom and pop place sells these pills with both ingredients in them. The company that makes them is called Country Life. Here is a link :


This site seems to load slow for me .

Anyways tell me what you think , good buy or better making your own ?

After taking the concoction for well over three months, I must say, I very…..disappointed.
Did squat for me!
I did lean out a little, but Id put that down to the lack of food before bed.
I may have slept a little better, but couldn’t say for sure.

If the combination was available commercially, I would give it a go again simply because of the good things ALCAR does.


You will get much better results if you are doing some form of intense exercise program that further amplifies the GH release. If you aren’t exercising, I don’t think it will be anywhere as dramatic.

I had been exercising for years, and have slowly found the gut harder and harder to trim off (47yrs old). When I started adding GH releasers like the above and the NOX2, I started burning fat like I was in my early thirties again.


I found the acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR). But is L-Arginine/Ornithine on the 1fast400 site what I want? Cant find L-ornithine there.


If anyone else is having trouble with the above link for the amino acids, let me

reprint it:…ids_single.html

Follow the directions I posted above for mixing the exact proportions, it should be very easy if you have the ability to measure out 6 grams of L-Ornithine to put into the 100 gram bottle of ALCAR ( I am assuming they are being precise with the 100 gram total…hummm, maybe I should check that!)



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