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Fountain of Youth

I don’t think it was exactly the same…but I’m guessing. This is a scientific study done at a major university. This really seems like something worth a serious look. I’m getting the stuff today, and will try it. The proper way to mix it according to directions is to empty the proper number of capsules into A CLEAN SMALL BOTTLE, then shake it throughly before you then scoop out enough to refill a 500 mg capsule. I’m going to measure out a 500 mg capsule first, into a 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon scoop and see if I can get a reproducible level. Then I will just scoop out that amount into a glass of water before sleep and after a 3 hour fast.

If you guys decide to try this, I suggest following the instructions exactly! I believe he has tapped into a way to really cause a serious GH release. Also follow the protection instructions to prevent any increased possibility for cancer. This is not your ‘run of the mill’ take so much of this and some of that recommendations, this is something really unique (my opinion).



I have been doing it for four days and the one thing I can say is that I have been sleeping like a baby. I have been a bad sleeper over the last couple of years I pretty much toss and turn and think too much and wake up feeling like shit. But the last four days I have been dead to the world at night, this in it’s self makes it worth while for me. Other than that I don’t feel anything else, I was pretty strong at the gym yesterday.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Thats awesome to hear Dino, the effects take months to go into effect for those who are wondering.

I have been using it for about a week. I have noticed that my skin is starting to take on a finer grained appearance, that is, like the pores are smaller. Also I seem to be sporting a fuller pump in my muscles several days after my workout, indicating real growth. As nevada says, this is really a long term commitment. The scientists involved say a slow steady improvement with most of the effects seen within a year. I’ll keep you posted!



Yeah I kind of noticed the same thing with my muscles and I have been increasing weight, I also seem to be hungrier. And night wood is very good.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Are the sleep benifits still with you?


Yeah, I can still have a bad night but all and all it’s been much better. But I also have been getting a lot of sex so that could be helping me to sleep better also. I have been taking it every night and to feel a difference I didn’t have time for the gym this week so I can’t say I had some good workouts.

How about you?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I haven’t started it yet as I don’t have the L-Ornithine (which really surprised me since I must have enough supplement powders here in quantity to open my own store). I do have some ready made caps that I bought a while back for some unknown reason that says it has 250mg L-Ornithine, 250mg L-Arginine and 25mg L-Carnitine which maybe I could butcher to get the apropriate ratios. Interestingly it says to take 3 caps at night on an empty stomach. I’ve never used them but going from the advice in the previously mentioned website, that much L-Ornithine would keep you awake and sweating all night. Perhaps it’s something to do with the Alcar/Ornithine ratios being almost reversed(?)

I’m having serious internal debates regarding nutrition and sleep in relation to PE, so I’m not sure if this would be a great addition right now or a very bad one. What I’ll probably do is wait 4-6 weeks while I collect more data on my current routine, then add it in to see if it affects anything.

Hey guys

I’ve been GH boosters for some time now. I’ve never done my own dosing but rather bought the products. Far and away the best GH booster out there is (I’m going to spell this so wrong!) Stratuge One. You can get it at any GNC or Vitiam World.

The reason I think this is better is that it Pubic Gland stimulator.witch actually helps that part of the brain regulate what it produces the GH and help your body absorb the chemicals.

Of course the older you are the more you will feel the effects because your body has been making less GH the older you get.

There are pros and cons of making your own and buying a product.

Sorry I couldn’t spell some of the things wrong. I don’t have my box anymore because I’m out of it, and I’m waiting till the first of the month to get more for my discount.

But just my 2 cents

Once again, I think a lot of the so called “GH stimulators” have no science or research behind it. I really think that this is the real McCoy. There is no profit motive here, they tell you how to make it yourself. These is a University study by two PHDs that published a paper on it. I have been doing it for couple weeks now and it seemed to really have increased my libido also. My hair cutter mentioned that my skin looked tighter on my face.

I see this thread being watered down by mentions of other GH stimulators that as far as I am concerned are unproven. Once again, for anyone interested in the real deal, I would suggest taking a serious look at this.

I will continue taking this formula for at least a year, and I will update you periodically.


It’s been two weeks for me and I have to say I’m sleeping much better in fact maybe too good they say that that happens and passes in about a month. I haven’t had the time for the gym that much so I can’t say I’m stronger but at least I feel better from getting enough sleep.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Well been back to the gym for the last two days and was very strong and considering that I have only been to the gym twice in two weeks I should not be stronger. I increased 50 pounds in my bench press today and even went up 50 pounds in my worst body part my shoulders. I also increased 15 pounds on my tricep push downs. Interesting!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Okay you’ve twisted my arm, I’ll get an order in and try this too. It’ll be about a week or so before the stuff gets here, but will post if I experience anything of note.

Good luck Shiver, so far I like it. I also seem to be very horny and I’m getting awesome night wood

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


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