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Fountain of Youth


I don’t like the heavy caffeine also, I may try the NOX2. I need to make time for the gym it’s just not easy.

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Hey guys, planning on starting this stuff soon. I will get a milligram scale so I can be anal about the whole process. In the mean time a few quick related questions.

I agree on the whole coral calcium shouldn’t be called that idea. The calcium portion of the coral is simply calcium carbonate. I have found plenty of articles debunking the goofy claims about coral calcium, I already knew most of that stuff. I use coral for trace minerals and can’t find any kind of break down on the trace minerals found in coral calcium. Does anyone have a link to a spectrum analysis of the trace minerals in coral?

What mineral supps are you guys taking? Where can I get the best/cheapest liquid colloidal minerals?

I will be back soon with a few questions more directly related to the HGH protocol, thanks guys.

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Let us know how you feel and if you think your getting better sleep and workouts and hair loss if any.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Great news! I can’t wait till my exam is over and I can start this stuff.

Dr. Parr says that the reversing, or at least cessation, of greying hair takes some time to kick in, if it happens at all. So let’s wait and see. Wouldn’t that be a bonus!

Anyone have links to cheep capsle filling machines that come with mini funnels and the like? Planning on getting a milligram scale and measuring out a bunch of pills in one shot.
Also any advise on multi-minerals would be appreciated. I may post a seperate question in the fitness forum but figure I will ask here first.

I am currently using EDTA which is a take a night treatment. Not positive how I will combine it with the GH stack but I will figure something out.

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Fountain of youth?

It’s called…



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For multiple mineral, I found one of the cheapest good one is the KAL brand, “Amino Max” thats if you can handle a large tablet.

For liquid colloidal minerals, the TRC is the best one. It used to be cheapest from their site, now I’m not sure. I have switched over to coral calcium for the full spectrum minerals.

Also, kelp is a wonderful source of full spectrum minerals. The only considerations are make sure it is from pristine waters, like Iceland. Also it is very high in iodine, so you have to be careful of max dose.

Good luck,

Thanks sparky,

I guess I keep hopping that someone will have a link or info I don’t already have. I have researched the liquid colloidal minerals to no end and the best I can do is around $12/month. I will continue with the coral calcium but wish I could find a break down on just what minerals i am getting per gram.

I am very anal about doing research on this stuff; then, I test supplements on my self before recommending them to friends and family.

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If you go to it is the TRC company, and at the bottom of the page you will find a link to the analysis of their product.

Here is a certificate of analysis for Coral Calcium;….calcium-COA.htm

On a personal note, I continue to lose addominal fat at a nice steady rate, and workouts are good, sleep is good, with increased nite wood.

I feel that the BAC aminos are excellent and the real thing.



Thanks! I have found lots of breakdowns of the liquid colloidal minerals from Rockland but those Coral Calcium links were exactly what I have been looking for.

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Just a few days ago, I bought orthinine capsules and arginine tablets. That’s arginine, not cartinine. The reason is that in a totally different thread I read:

“arginine & ornithine for rapid growth/healing, release HGH

So, for a few days, I’ve taken 1g arg and 0.5g orn. That was simply the size of the tabs/caps.

I noticed firmer erections. I can now jelq twice a day, if I want, while before, I needed 36h to feel fully ready for another jelq session. I’ve also measured a good 7.3”, which is +0.3” halfway through my third month.

Now I discovered this thread! The FOY formula substitutes ALCAR for arginine and only 5% of the ornithine!

So I wonder, am I doing something dangerous taking 500mg ornithine, or am I safe because I don’t do combine it with ALCAR, only with arginine?

I’m seriously curious to try FOY and order some ALCAR right now. I suppose I need to cut my capsules in 20 little pieces then.

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Dangerous? Who knows. I kinda’ doubt its “dangerous”. Lets just say you are getting a bigger GH release than with the ALCAR formula…

What I like about the ALCAR formula is that it was researched in a University setting by a couple of PHD’s. They studied the effects. They came to the conclusion of what the optimal doses are by studying the blood levels and observing the participants over some significant period of time.

They further went and developed a way to negate the cancer promoting effects of increased GH.

The amount of AAs needed to get this result is one of the smallest I’ve found.

I get my best results from this combination of AAs.

This is a combination that is pretty hard to beat!

What will other formulas do? I would only be guessing, and I see no real need at this point to switch…and start guessing.

I did spend several months experimenting with other formulations that was said to be very good. I had to take much larger doses of AAs and really didn’t see as good results.

Your version may very well be better, but unless there is some good research behind it, we all would only be guessing.



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