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Foods that help supplement PE

Foods that help supplement PE

What kinds of foods/ herbal supplements help boost libido and semen production? My PE stuff is working great, but I need some punch behind it, you know?

Can anyone help?

Smoked oysters, for one. Very high in zinc. Pricey but delectible.



The Orgasmic Diet

This diet is for women who want to increase desire, improve sensation for clitoral orgasms, and develop (or strengthen) the ability to have vaginal orgasms. It increases dopamine relative to serotonin, improves free testosterone levels, and gives greater muscle tone and better blood circulation in the vagina.

Take daily:

· **fish oil—enough to give 1600 mg of EPA — usually 7,000 mg (that’s seven pills)

· the RDA of *calcium/magnesium/zinc (1000/400/15 mg)

· a good multivitamin like Centrum

· extra Vitamin C (a glass of orange juice a day is enough for this step)

· one ounce high quality dark chocolate like Dove Promises Dark Chocolate or Lindt 70% Dark

Do not take high-dose fish oil like this if you are on blood-thinning medication like Coumadin or aspirin therapy.

Every two or three days

· 27 mg of *iron (Do not take iron if you have the rare condition hemachromatosis).

Exercise your PC muscles (in your vagina) twice a week with an exercise device to improve muscle tone. I recommend a device called Gyneflex, which can be ordered online and costs $40.

Try to get protein at every meal, and try to eat more vegetables and fruits and less starchy and sugary foods. Avoid transfats (partially hydrogenated oils) and polyunsaturated vegetable oils like corn oil and safflower oil. Butter, cheese, and other saturated fats are fine, and so are olive oil and canola oil.

The less caffeine and nicotine consumed, the better the diet will work. Also avoid herbal stimulants such as *ginkgo or ginseng. Antidepressants and birth control pills will both seriously interfere with the effects of the diet. Of course do not go off of antidepressants to try this diet. However, you may find after taking high dose fish oil for a while that it may help with depression too. Certainly do not change any medication without your doctor’s guidance.

This is my diet, and it works.

*Men can leave out the iron and calcium. Ginkgo and ginseng are fine. But no antidepressants.

Zaneblue is a 38-year-old housewife who started having spontaneous orgasms.

Being a smart cookie, she tinkered around with her diet to find out whatwas giving her this amazing ability, isolated the components and started researching to find out why the thing worked. Lo and behold, other women trying her program acquired the ability to have spontaneous vaginal orgasms too. She’s now in the process of conducting a clinical trial on the approach, and in the meantime has picked up a considerable knowledge of useful sexual health advice for men and women.


Great, thanks.

Any similar testosterone increase diet maybe or variation of this one for men ? Plus enhancing serotonin as well (beneficial for the parasympathetic ANS , for relaxation, soothing down stress, better ej control)

*Men can leave out the iron and calcium. Ginkgo and ginseng are fine. But no antidepressants.

The diet is the same for men.


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