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Fish oil brands

I also bought the enteric-coated ones from Costco. I do not have any fish burps. I guess these capsules do not melt until they reach the intestines (hence enteric-coated)?

In vitacost there is a brand called NSI (Nutraceutical Sciences Institute). Their Fish Oil is quite cheap, but i don’t know if it is a good brand. Can anyone help me?.


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I just bought some fish oil pills. A German brand. One pill has 800mg of fish oil 18%EPA (144mg) and 12%DPA (96 mg) . I hope it will do something…

Here is a report on the levels of contaminants in fish oil brands - you’ll recognize some of them, but not all. This is a study instigated by Livsmedelsverket, so the brands are the predominant ones on the Swedish market. Even though it is in Swedish, it’s pretty self-explanatory - low numbers are better than high numbers. They note that even the high level of dioxin are still within limits, so dioxins are probably not an issue for fish oils. PCBs may be, allowable levels are not mentioned.

The second, third and last of the list have particularly high levels - they are codliver oil, fish oil and sharkliver oil, in that order.

Eye Q ( and Eskimo3 ( are available in the States, I believe.

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Here’s a link that might be of value:


I frequent several Yahoo groups involved with mercury chelation, for both adults and children with Autism. Mostly Cutler Protocol. The consensus there is that Nordic Naturals is the best brand of fish oil & CLO overall, though it is a little expensive.

That’s great soy oil in fish oil!

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