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Finpecia, tongue coating


Thank-you Westla, much appreciated.

MDC, you are on about half the dose I am. I read a lot of guys on hair sites that do well on smaller than the 1mg a day dose.

man8worm, thanks for giving me your opinion on the generics from India.
Until I posted this thread I had not read about body hair loss from Finasteride use.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties I had a hairy chest, lower arms and legs but the hair on my upper arms and abdomen was white and downy. As I have aged this has all turned to dark hair which I am not keen on and sure women do not find it attractive either.

I would be happy to get rid of some body hair but there has been no change at all since starting Finasteride about 18 months ago.

I guess the drug effects different men in different ways.

After checking on my supplies I still have about 16 months worth left so do not know whether to use them and then try Proscar or stick to the Fincar.

Originally Posted by man8worm
MDC, should I try your minuscule daily dosage rather the 1.25mg once a week I ended up doing? Your method sounds much better than the pill cutting too.

I used to cut the pills into 1/6ths(.8mg) and take 1 daily, but then Iread about people having success with lower dosages. I also drop 10mg of finasteride into 60ml generic rogaine and use that once daily. I think you might have better success with a daily dosage rather than once per week.

I want to take a break from taking Finpecia for a while, a couple of months or so.

Is this likely to cause me any problems?

Before I started taking it I had never had a shed and did not shed after taking it either. I had no bald patch but did feel my hair had got slightly thinner over the years.
I do feel that my hair thickened up slightly but I want to take a break but not if I could complicate things by doing so.

One reason for wanting to stop is because before I started I was in good physical shape and I am now lifting more weight and eating better but am not getting in the same condition as before.

I have read on a couple of boards about guys on Finpecia, with lowered DHT levels having the same problems.
What do you think about this?


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