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Faster Hair Growth


Faster Hair Growth

Hi guys, I just wanted to find out if anyone knew of any foods/vitamins/supplements that would accelerate the growth of your hair.

I would guess not. But it is rather like penis pills . There are sites offering remedies. But the only ones that seem to work are external applications.

But some of those are just hair thickeners that give the impression of more hair. (they usually say they only work on the crown of the head - not the forehead

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The theory is that excessive DHT leads to less hairgrowth or baldness.

Eat anti DHT and you will get more hair. (The reason why woman get longer hair easier than some males)

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I believe gelatin increases the thickness of nails and hair it may also effect the speed of growth. I can not verify this myself…

Natural vitamin E increase healthy hair growth. And I’m talking about vitamin E containing the 8 tocopherols. Regular OTC vitamin E is d-alpha tocopheril; synthetic, and even potentially dangerous if overdosed.

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Yes, and no. D-alpha tocopherol is not the synthetic. It is just one of the naturally occurring tocopherols. Dl-alpha tocopherol is synthetic, but a mixed tocopherol with tocotrienols is a better choice.

Dht gel

MSM works great for increasing the speed of hair growth for some people.

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Try Biotin and Horsetail :)

Biotin and saw palmetto.


Hi Dude.

Tribulus Terrestris is the name!

It make accelerate the hair growth a lot, cause it regularizes testosterone levels.

decided- have you used tribulus? I’ve asked questions about it in a couple of threads but no one seems to have used it. What brand did you use and did you see any results?

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Mens multivitamin and beta sitosterol.or centrum cardio.. Beta sitosterol is the active ingerdient in saw palmetto.I have been taking saw palmetto for 6 months and my hair looks thicker than it was when I was 14, (I’m 19 now but noticed balding at 15) I’m going to switch to pure beta sitosterol when I run out of saw palmetto, if you take too much saw you can get internal bleeding :O
But I’m fine with low doeses, I tried taking 6 pills once, a month later I noticed darker if you’re going to take it keep an eye on your stool and keep the doses low.I’ve herd there are less side effects with beta sitosterol because it doesnt have so many impurities

Oh and fish oil is awesome

I agree, biotin. I’m taking it now for my hair loss..I’m 22 years old…its hard typing that. I don’t know if it is really working for that problem but it seems to have slowed down.

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