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Facial Wrinkles

PS: I did like very much T’s skydiving idea. 10,000 feet of facial massage? How could you do better?



Originally Posted by dickenstein
Anything with Retinol in it. Helps to peel old skin off the face. If you can get a prescription, it’s Retin-A, but the higher strength can’t be worn in direct sunlight for very long.

This is good, but you should cycle it out seasonally, because to much/prolonged use of retin-a can thin out the skin.

Originally Posted by CrazyLady
This is good, but you should cycle it out seasonally, because to much/prolonged use of retin-a can thin out the skin.

I think he’s correct in this. Have a friend who has used R-a for years. It makes him very sun-sensitive; even a little exposure and he gets blotchy.

He actually looks older than he is; his facial skin having become thin, almost translucent.




I strongly believe that drinking milk, and green tea (drink separately) could help aging, and prevent cancer.

My friend works with doctors. She transcribes their hieroglyphics’s into code. A dermatologist told her that to tighten away wrinkles apply preparation H before going t bed.. She is 40 some and looks like a teenager. Constantly gets remarks from her friends about her youthful looks. I started giving it a try about 6 months ago and can see a difference. Being careful not to get any on my we we. Don’t want to shrink that.


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Get a Facial Flex.

I don’t understand, Prodigal.


That’s interesting.

One thing that bothers me is whether it’s something that requires constant application, i.e. does your face fall apart if you stop using it, is it doing more harm than good for temporary effect?

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It’s a small device that exercises the face, memento. You can get one online at facialconcepts dot com or drugstore dot com. Price is steep but I got one and it really does give the face muscles a workout. Doesn’t take long to do. Couple of minutes in the morning and a couple of minutes in the evening. Same principle as working out any other muscle in the body. If you stop working it, then you lose tone, etc. Of course, no one can stop father time but this might be one of the ways to slow the ol’ bastard down.

Thanks for the explanation. I’ve heard varying reports on facial exercises, some people saying that it actually stretches the skin more. Will check the Facial Flex out.

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Originally Posted by memento

I scowl almost constantly

So do I, well, so I’ve been told.


Look up microdermabrasion. It’s not too expensive and works.


I checked out Preparation-H. This is what I found.

So does Preparation-H really help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles?

For many years, yes it did thanks to the live yeast cells that used to go into the preparation. The cells, referred to by many as LYCD (live yeast cell derivative) are known to assist in the healing process and because of this are also used to treat burns, chapping and dry skin on general.

Unfortunately, the properties of Preparation-H have recently been adjusted in the USA in line with The Food and Drug Administration’s regulations. The reformulation of its ingredients means that the preparation no longer contains the ‘magical’ LYCD and instead uses an approved astringent formula. *

If you Google “live yeast cell derivative” you start getting medical hits talking about treating burns and such.

Now the formulations in the UK for Preparation-H are entirely different from the US. For a start there isn’t a cream, there’s only a gel based on witch hazel. Witch hazel is a pretty powerful astringent. I bought the gel for the hell of it, and tried it. It actually made a big overnight difference to the appearance of wrinkles under my eyes but my skin feels like crap today, it’s dry to the point of paper it feels stretched like a mask even now after applying my morning Skin Doctors Vitamin-C cream. I won’t be using it again (unless I’m going to a party maybe). I’ve bought a Witch brand witch hazel exfoliant to see if I can get a bit of the toning effect without the mask effect :)

So I tried to find where you can get the original Preparation-H. Guess what, they make it in Canada still. I’m considering ordering some ($16 a tube) but you should talk to the girl who suggested Preparation-H and ask her what she uses.


Thanks. Will do. You mean professional right, not some “here’s the science” bit from a cosmetic company?

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Stryvectin- they sell cheap versions at longs drugs for 20 bucks a bottle. You need just a dab, massage into the wrinkle - do that for 3 weeks and you’ll start seeing the difference.

Human growth hormone (HGH) injections. Don’t buy those HGH sprays marketed online though, they are all fakes that contain no HGH. Only HGH injections work. Wrinkles will disapear, skin will regenerate, thicken and smoothen, rather dramatically. Jintropin is the best HGH.

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