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Facial Hair

Facial Hair

Does anyone know a way to increase facial hair?

I have a good amount just not enough to actually grow out into a beard or goatee. I’m 25 so I may get a little more but I doubt a full beard.

You need to try my warewolfification potion.

Or else more testosterone maybe?

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My facial hair has not increased even with Testosterone.

I don’t know of any way. I know a studly guy in his forties who shaves once every three days. even though he probabably could go a week without anybody notcing.

My guess is it’s genetics. Unlike hair on the top of the head, which isn’t typically lost until the 20s if you’re genetically inclined for that, the amount of facial hair seems to be a permanent thing.

Too bad I can’t give you my facial hair. I hate it, and I hate shaving.

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