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extenze commercials?


Joe, I doubt you have read anywhere in this forum an honest post about someone gaining from pills and nothing else.

Posts like this are always new members who join to spam this place.

Horny Bastard

I agree with you 100%. I’m one of those guys that always seem to try the new herb or vitamin. Most of the time they don’t work as advertised, or quit frequently are bad on my stomach or i’ve some kind’ve bad reaction to.

I did try the high dosage L-Arginine powder(tastes awful but it’s cheap!) and the NO AKG Arginine, Both on an empty stomach and both with out much effect for me. But my brother, who is a champion body builder, swears by the stuff. I’ve a nice body but it’s mostly because of hard work at the gym and genetics. but of all the herbs i’ve tried, i do like Tongkat ali. They’ve a new esterized version of Arginine that i’ve yet to try. Supposed to last longer in the body. Hey, anyone try that?


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