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Experiments to increase my cum loads!

Still around?

I upped my Lecithin considerably up to 24 gramm a day. Not everyday though.

My cum got thicker and very clumpy. It got so clumpy I thought I cumming bricks lol.

The viscosity got off the charts. I guess thats what you labelled sperm volume.(?)

What else got you, or did you research, that increased the viscosity?
(my plan: get it to the max viscosity and then increase the fluid portion of the cum to disperse the viscosity. Some experiments with very high water intake seemed promising.)

DickerSchwanz=FatDick / 20cm length(No more!), 5.5 - 6 girth. Goal - max. Skills and Proportions

Achieved a cone shape taper girth? tell me how.. -> My Thread Best Theory to gain.. PI's ! Best Routine to Start

Has anyone tried black cumin seed oil? If so please tell.

Which is the dosage for arginine?

nov.2010: BPEL 5,7" (14,5) MSEG 4,9" (12,5); nov.2013: BPEL 6,8" (17,5) MSEG 6,1" (15,5) FL 5" (12,7) FG 5,1" (13,0); now aprill 2016: BPEL 7,3" (18,5) MSEG 6,2" (15,8) FL 5,2" (13,2) FG 5,1" (13,0)

Goal: BPEL 8" (20,5) MSEG 6,3" (16,0) FL 5,9" (15,0)


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