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Experiments to increase my cum loads!

Still around?

I upped my Lecithin considerably up to 24 gramm a day. Not everyday though.

My cum got thicker and very clumpy. It got so clumpy I thought I cumming bricks lol.

The viscosity got off the charts. I guess thats what you labelled sperm volume.(?)

What else got you, or did you research, that increased the viscosity?
(my plan: get it to the max viscosity and then increase the fluid portion of the cum to disperse the viscosity. Some experiments with very high water intake seemed promising.)

Has anyone tried black cumin seed oil? If so please tell.

Which is the dosage for arginine?

nov.2010: BPEL 5,7" (14,5) MSEG 4,9" (12,5); nov.2013: BPEL 6,8" (17,5) MSEG 6,1" (15,5) FL 5" (12,7) FG 5,1" (13,0); aprill 2016: BPEL 7,3" (18,5) MSEG 6,2" (15,8) FL 5,2" (13,2) FG 5,1" (13,0)

Goal: BPEL 8" (20,5) MSEG 6,3" (16,0) FL 5,9" (15,0)

Is this thread still alive ?

I have been searching around the internet about experience about black cumin seeds.
It’s long time ago this thread was made. Can we make this thread alive again and talk about the huge miracle seeds black cumin seeds ?

I just wanna say a little about my self to intreduse me :)

My name is Kenneth, age of 27
From Norway
Excuse my English. I hope I am not alone with poor English in forum.
But I am sure I am able to make me self understood at least.
Yes I have dyslexia.


What experience have you guys got from the use of Black Cumin Seeds ?

There is another thread, I think it is titled “the Holy Grail of cum load increase” or some such thing. The bottom line is, if there was any one supplement that worked well for this goal, we would all know it and be taking it. Different people have had different results from different things, but no one has ever landed on any one specific thing. Increasing how much water you drink seems to actually work as well as any of the supplements.

Ok, thank you. I will move over to that thread.


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