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Exersize and erections question

Exersize and erections question

Howdy folks. I got a question, when I do cardio, afterwards I get an erection. Anyone else experienced this? On a side note, kinda embarassing stepping off the tredmill and having a woody popping up. Haha and no, it isn’t because of the girls in the spandex, though that would do it easily, except I do my cardio at 3am and there are only maybe 5 peoplt at the Gym at this hour, + the front desk.

I try to run a mile twice a week to stay in shape, but I have never in my life gotten a boner from running…ever.

I hate running a lot…

DO you like running that much?

It's still not big enough!

LOL!!!! No I don’t like running at all. But everytime I do intense cardio I pop a boner. Yes yes, it’s weird, but I have no clue why it happens.

Boners and cardio...

Excitation of any type can potentially lead to one’s own sexual arousal, because of the increase of adrenaline and/or testosterone and/or lactic acid released into the bloodstream.

Being in the company of someone who is excited (in the general sense of the term) can also lead to arousal through pheromones released in sweat, and visual cues such as pupil dilation, blushing and prominent, “pumped” muscles.

That’s why carnival rides, horror films and mild exercise (long walk, cycling, hiking, etc) make for good dates ;)

That being said, individual response will vary across the scale in intensity and specificity. You, lilsquirt, simply lie on the “horny” side of the spectrum.

LOL and that’s not a bad thing, it’s a GOOD thing! Even though it’s embarassing.


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