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whats a good way to get rid of the fat that is pushed my bonepressing?

exercise (non PE), a good diet, liposuction.

Sup Doc,
I know that burning fat is done successfully in several ways like running, aerobics and a controlled diet. I’ve read many things about this topic. For example, One was about changing the way your penis looks by loosing the fat around it, which is your mission. My only advice can be exercise and watching your diet by eating less fatty foods.
There is also surgery that can be done to get rid of fat but I personally don’t believe in using surgery to accomplish things I can do on my own….

Hope this helps at least a little:)


Go for the GOALd!

surgury = no way

running = no way

ill probobly try biking again

How about swimming or tai-bo type cardio kickboxing?

I took regular kickboxing and ran on my own. It added strength and burned fat as well with no weight lifting, just crunches and push-up type exercise. I also read that running, biking and swimming are the best fat burners out there along with a good diet.

Good luck.


Go for the GOALd!

running is horrible for your knees

well i do fight training everyday as i plan to join ufc in about 4 years


The irony in that last statement kills me! :)

(Running is bad for your knees, but full contact MMA competition is perfectly safe, because lots of practice with strikes and vigorously applied joint submissions are easy on the joints…)

Not picking on you at all — I used to train some and enjoyed it a lot.

Basically, quit eating crap. If it’s white, it’s bad. If it comes in a box, it’s bad. If it is processed, it’s bad. Stick to natural foods (ie; ingredients) and prepare your meals yourself and see what happens.


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yea i guess it did sound a little off but why do you way if its white its bad? chicken and tuna are great for you

Chicken and tuna is protein, which is what your muscles use and is the fastest to be used by the body.

I think Uber meant “white foods” as in carbs (like white bread), which if your body doesn’t use, it turns from sugar to fat.

hmm i eat alot of white bread, that may be my problem

Get a jumprope - jumproping burns more calories per hour than running or bicycling.

Back home we have a saying about 3 white deaths: sugar, salt and white flower

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!


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