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Erection stimulator!!

Erection stimulator!!

Hello, I have just purchased some venicon (erectile stimulator tablets) recently, which I plan on using TOMORROW and I noticed that it contained yohimbe. I have read up on this supplement before and have heard of some severe side effects, such as increased heart rate etc.

What I was wondering was, are any of these cases fatal? And does anyone know how much is recommended to be taken of yohimbe, to avoid these effects? These venicon tablets contain about 8mg of yohimbe per tab I think, but if that could be seen as too much, I will take half, just to be on the safe side. What do you guys think?

Thanks a lot :up:

Sorry you know what, the actual amount of yohimbe in venicon is “1.75 mg Yohimbe extract ( 10% )”. The 10% refers to the concentration i think, so I think its a fairly weak extract. How much were the guys getting these side effects taking? And do you think taking this amount will be fine?

From what I’ve read, Scratchy, you would need to take more than 20mg to experience serious side effects with yohimbe. I’ve never tried the stuff, myself, but the symptoms they describe seem to be similar to a mild caffeine overdose: I’d watch out if you are on heart medication or have a history of heart trouble.

Having said that, I seem to remember a Dr. (I think that it was Mike Colgan) from back in my bodybuilding days who was promoting yohimbe as a aphrodisiac. He then had a lab analyze several supplements, and compared them with pure samples of the real thing. The supplements for the most part did nothing, and the ground up bark he got from Africa left him with a raging hard-on.

It’s been said before, I’ll say it again: the pills usually don’t work; however if they contain a vasodilator like ginko biloba, you may notice some effect, especially on your flaccid. I’ve had good results with ginko & ginseng myself.


Thanks for the advice and info GM. I didn’t even use it in the end, I didn’t have time to discretely take it, but when I do finally try it out, I’ll probably just try half a tab, and see how that goes.

I think the supplement did not work as effective as the ground up bark, because the supps are usually not concentrated enough, where as ground bark would be 100% I imagine?

Well I’m already taking ginkgo, ginseng and other supps, but this tablet contains a dose of everything at once, so that’s why I thought I’d try it. Also yohimbe’s quite expensive in the shops.

Thanks again :up:

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