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Erectile dysfunction supplements for long distance relationship.

Erectile dysfunction supplements for long distance relationship.

I’ve read all the faq’s about supplements and I’m also doing the newbie routine so don’t worry.

I live in a long distance relationship and it seems like I suffer from ED. I feel like I get aroused and might have some erection during foreplay, but while putting on condom, it goes away. I have also started to feel loss of lipido and I’m going to check my testosterone levels in few days. My ED might also be caused by anxiety and slight depression.

So now to my question. What supplements should I use to get my lipido back and maintain my erection. I use L-arginine, but it doesn’t show that great of an effect. Stamina RX seems like a product I need to try because it gives an effect similar to viagra and is pretty cheap. I want to surprise my gf positively next time we see, so this help is really needed.

Is there a product that works like Stamina rx but is even better?

But what supplement would you guys recommend for me if Stamina Rx isn’t something I should buy?
Is there a product that you need to take only once a day and still have the same effect? (Stamina rx must be taken before sex)
Is there a product that heals ED for good? Or at least improves lipido, stamina and energy significantly?
Also, does any of the products help me with premature ejaculation?

I really want my lipido back. I want to satisfy my gf with high energy in bed and hard erection.

Thanks alot in advance!

Anxiety and depression will certainly kill erections, and have a negative effect on libido as well. Find out the reason for the depression and try to resolve it; or get it treated.

Stamina Rx is just another of those “magic pills.” And, it does not work in the way Viagra and the other PDE5 drugs do. Further, it contains Yohimbine which, if you are anxious already, has the potential to have you climbing walls and can raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels. Avoid it.

Instead, while you get the anxiety and depression handled, try Viagra, Levitra or Cialis for the occasional sex you have in your long distance relationship. You’ll get more bang for your buck and probably keep your erection well while you put the condom on.



Always wise advice from Avocet8 and I can not add to that; he is certainly right depression and anxiety can have really adverse effect on one’s libido. I was really worried that my test levels were rather too low and so forth and could not understand what the hell was going on with me but what I failed to realise that my mental state was not healthy and had not been for a long time. I can not say I was depressed,but I was angry and quite sad relating to a break up and so forth and I still went back to fucking the same girl so no wonder I could not get it up I had so much other shit on my head.

I know what you mean when you say you want to satisfy your girlfriend and so forth and you can. I found Cialis to be good backup during those periods for me however other supplements which Avocet made mention may be more beneficial for you. However as mentioned above I think its important to find out where those challenges within line and how you can go about improving your overall mental well being. It helps a lot and I found it the best in getting my erections back up to normal. However I am still pro you getting your test levels checked out too.Best wishes for everything and hope things come online for you. Take a deep breath and unwind, open dialogue with you partner will help too.

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