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Erect/Engorged Nipples (Mine) Cause?

Erect/Engorged Nipples (Mine) Cause?

Might seems like a strange question, but I’m curious. I understand about sexual arousal and cold weather causing erect nipples in both males and females, and am not sure that’s the reason for mine.

Other than cold and arousal, I notice that there is no pattern to my nipples being erect and wonder if it is due to any of several supplements I’ve been taking.

Occasionally, on no specific schedule, I take L-Arginine, Damiana, Maca, Tribulus, Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Stamina Rx, Tongkat Ali, and Cialis. Because I seldom take one of these supplements/herbs alone, I cannot determine if one of them is causing the nipple situation. I suppose it might take weeks to find out the cause if I were to undergo some trial and error testing on my own.

I find the nipple engorgement to be rather pleasant most of the time, as it adds a couple more places to touch for sexual pleasure. :)

So…has anyone else noticed this phenomena and been able to trace it to a supplement?

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Enlarged nipples can result from excessive estrogen levels. I would advise a blood test to see if your levels are elevated. Also, feel around the nipple area for any hardness that may be gyno.

start 1/20/08: 6.0 nbpel, 5.5 eg, 4 fl, 5 fg

now 6/30/12: 6.75 nbpel, 5.875 eg, 5.0 fl, 5.125 fg

Nope. Not to worry.

There are not enlarged nipples, but are erect/engorged nipples as a result of sexual arousal or some supplements I have been taking. I want to find out from other members if they have found a supplement that has enhanced their nipple erection/engorgement.


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