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Epidril & DMSO

Epidril & DMSO

Anyone ever heard of or tried Epidril? It is sold under a number of brand names as a “cutting gel” for target area fat loss.
“Epidril” is the name given to the combination of aminophylline within a lecithin-based gel that is found in Nutrasport Cutting Gel
as well as others. The premise is that it breaks up (deflates) fat cells and releases them into the blood stream. Of course you
have to exercise to burn the fat once it is released, but some say it is really effective for targeting hard to reduce problem areas
such as the belly.

Research says the product works fairly well but the problem likes in the trans-dermal application and the lack of absorption.
My thought was to apply this with DMSO for greater penetration. This idea came to me while contemplating how to spot reduce
my fat pad. I am pretty lean overall but could use a little help there.

Anyone tried this product?

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Sounds like a magic fix. Hell, I’d even take it if it worked…

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