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Ephedrine Makes Your Nutsack Tight

Ephedrine Makes Your Nutsack Tight

And also makes your dick “crawl up” inside your body. I’m sure it’s common knowledge already, I’m just confirming it. I’m not saying don’t use it, just don’t take any if plan on flashing anyone that day. It’s still a great supplement for working out.

Whenever I take it, I make sure to do extra “piss-pulls” throughout the day to keep it “relaxed”.

Becoming.... Godsize

It causes blood flow to move away from the extremities. Besides your cock shrinking and balls getting tight, notice how it makes your hands and feet feel cold.

If you use it for fat loss take *one* dose (25mg) with caffeine (200mg) in the morning on an empty stomach, then do cardio 30-45 minutes after that. Combine that with a restriced calorie/carb, high protein diet and the results are incredible.

A lot of people take it as a post-workout stimulant (not wise). I truly believe it causes injuries (pulled/torn muscles).

Is it bad for PE? Yes, but not if you allow it to clear your system before doing PE. Take one dose at 6am, then do your PE after 3pm.

It’s getting very difficult to find in it’s pure form. It’s now banned in most states. Customs is starting to get wise, they’re seizing small shipments coming from other countries.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

over here we can get a liter of it in bottle as a nose drops :)

you cook it and get pure ephedrine..not that I would use’s am.p.he.t.m.n.e

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