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Ephedra is back !!


^^^ It is actually harder to make meth out of ephedrine than it is psuedo-ephedrine.

I’m actually glad I didn’t know that.

Originally Posted by TittyKitty
So, does this mean we will be able to buy this stuff again in Texas or will we have to drive to Utah?

It never really went away, not that there’s anything wrong with Utah. Labels just don’t say ‘ephedra’. “Mini-Ephedrine” has been around for a while. It only contains 12.5mg ephedrine and 200 mg guaifenesin, but helps me get through my workouts.


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I have never tried it.

Has anyone tried Hoodia Gordonii? It might be a PE friendly sup. Ephedra really shrinks up the old wanger

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There was a bullshit Ephedra ban over ~200 deaths that may or may not have been related- with how many billions doses sold and consumed worldwide? Think a moment.

ECA [ephedra caffeine aspirin] stack was shown to have a thermogenic effect on fat tissue- but as it wasn’t patentable [as all three ingredients are naturally occuring substance] the DRUG companies couldn’t capitalize on it.

Then it was banned. Coincidence? I think not.

The FDA and the drug conglomerate have been trying to limit consumer access to all food supplements for decades- some of the more extreme proposals would have required a prescription for your MetRx/ MyoPlex/ whey protein- hell even Vitamin C. DHEA was banned throughout the eighties. Why?

Again, the Drug companies can't make money from food supplements [okay, they can, but for purposes of this discussion, not really- they can’t work through their usual pipelines which depend on an exclusive use patent cycle.]

Doubt me? Look how the feds are going after the internet mail order knockoff/ generic pharmacies.

The meth lab argument was their “but even if” spare argument- as mentioned above, pseudoephedrine is easier for the crystal cooks.

Personally I have used ephedra both straight and in various ECA formulations, and other than an occasional shaky hand from getting too tightly jacked, I never had a side effect. I personally don’t really use it for thermogenesis/ lipolysis- I just really dig the aforementions slightly jacked feeling.

BTW- the judge is ruling for the individual's right to determine their own treatment- not that you should use it. I am all for indivdual rights- hell I hate helmet, seatbelt, public space smoking laws even though they force folks to act as I do- I even believe in universal drug decriminalization balanced by employer driven mandatory drug testing.

Tell me that a fed bureaucrat knows what is good for me- Talk about ‘nanny’ state!

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I used ephedra (Herbalife) and lost a lot of weight 5 years ago. When I started PE’ing, I noticed that taking ephedra would give me “dick shrinkage” on my PE days. I hated that.


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