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What is in it that does contribute to flacid fullness and a very slight girth fullness. I have taken it several times and it does do this without a doubt.

Question is, what ingredient in it contributes to this. I know , before you all blast off saying it’s bogus, I agree it doesn’t increase size. BUT it does affect fullness a bit and EQ , I am just wondering if its Arginine , Ginseng , etc what??

L-arginine is probably the most effective ingredient in any penis enlargement product. So, if you want to supplement something and save money, take l-arginine. It won’t make you larger, but it is good for blood flow, and cum loads too by the way.

I’d agree.

Originally Posted by Quantum
I am just wondering if its Arginine , Ginseng , etc what??

Any of the ingredients in the “proprietary blend” that is Enzyte have an effect on blood flow and some have a positive effect on arousal.

But gprent is correct the Arginine component is probably the most responsible for flaccid fullness. If you do take an L-Arginine supplement make sure you drink enough water daily. :)

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