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Whether positive or negative, feedback on PE products is needed and should be welcomed to inform the rest of the PE community. Of course, the feedback should be based on fact and actual experience. (Most of the following was taken from posts at betterman)

As other users have mentioned, the vasodialators did cause a slightly larger flaccid length and girth. For me the effects only lasted an hour or so. If used in conjunction with jelqing, it can contribute to a rock-hard erection.
I saw no evidence of increase in either erect length or girth which is my goal (I’m not interested in increases in flaccid size).

I have been doing some research on Androstenedione and I am concerned about some of the information I found regarding the cautions the FDA has posted about potential long-term adverse effects of the use of this ingredient.
1.) The human body is remarkable at adapting to change. If the body is receiving andro, it may stop producing andro precursors on its own. This may lead to your body requiring an outside supplement to provide andro precursors.
2.) Potential long-term adverse health consequences in men [using Androstenedione] include testicular atrophy, impotence, and the development of female characteristics such as breast enlargement. Women who use these products may develop male characteristics such as male pattern baldness, deepening of the voice, increased facial hair, and enlargement of the clitoris, as well as abnormal menstrual cycle and abnormal bleeding, and blood clots.
Here are a few sites that I found information on Androstenedione.…/DSH/andro.html…meradvisory.htm

I read Rob’s response about Enlargel taking 3 years of development and also that doctors are being contacted to test this product. I have not seen Rob/Enlargel post any evidence of [any clinical] testing to ensure that this product is safe [he did mention that he used it during development]. I did see mention that testing in Germany showed a 237% increase in free testosterone by using Androstenedione but it did not say that this [increase] is safe. I did see in other posts that users of this [betterman] board will be used as the “guinea pigs” for this product.
Rob did respond to my inquiries regarding andro with the following:
“Enlargel contains only a trace amount of andro. It is my understanding that its purpose, in our application, is simply to help the body in NATURAL TEST. PRODUCTION.
The references that you made are about Andro. used in large quantities as a substitute for anabolic steroids. You don’t have anything to worry about from the small amount of Andro in Enlargel.”
I asked Rob about re-formulating without the andro and did not receive a response.
There is also no mention as to where (what country) this product is made other than “in a lab.” No mention of production controls to ensure how the product is made but it “was developed in a laboratory by highly trained professional scientists” (no mention of their qualifications).
We [each] must evaluate risks/consequences/rewards and choose our own path in life. There are risks involved in all types of PE whether we hang:hanger: , pump:_pump: , stretch:jelq: , squeeze, clamp, bend, use Enlargel…
As I mentioned before, there are a number of users and posts regarding this product at betterman and I would suggest that anybody interested in Enlargel read these posts, search the internet and contact their doctor to help them make an informed decision about this product.

Good luck and happy growing! :D

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

No cause I was going up in strength just as quickly. I know how to lift weights, and I kept being able to add weight plus do more reps. Don’t just assume, some people are genetically adapt at gaining weight faster than others. My grandfather was able to set up a telephone pole by himself when he was in his 20’s, and those go 40 feet up and 15 feet down. Unfortunately I didn’t get that side of the families dick genetics, but my other grandfathers who was just average. Well I’m out of that size category anyway now.

The ban on androstenedione and almost all other pro-hormones/pro-steroids goes into effect in January. Rob will have to remove it from his formulation.

Sorry I have to reply to this thread as people will sell anything, even if its ingredient could be dangerous. Please bear in mind that I do sell other products (or about to) but not this type - what I would call hope killer, which is not what we are trying to do here.

The androstenedione is a two step removed from 1-test, which is step removed from testastrone. This ingredient was popular in bodybuilding circle - while back. However, because of the conversion rate, it is no longer favored by the bodybuilding circle. Please bear in mind that no amount of andrestenedione used extenally - i.e. cream - will be enough to do anything. Period.

The way bodybuilders used to use was under-tongue or direct injection. The negative effect of this ingredient was that in high doses, your body will stop its own testastrone production, which is why bodybuilder will use it in cycles. Again, for those that think they are getting something from this product, its nothing more than a placebo effect - Hey send me some money and I will send you some amazing product (mayonaise) and it will be better than this - just kidding.

Again, there isn’t enough in cream form to do anything.

As for other ingredient,

Niacin - its a blood thinner. Again, ineffective in cream form and you could pick some up for cheap.

L-Arginine - useless in cream form. In order to be useful (for bodybuilders), you have to take 10-20 grams of this stuff. This means that you would have to take 10-20 pills of oral doses a day. Another problem with L-Arginine is that its half life is very short - 5 seconds. This is why there are some products that try to increase the half life - usually called NO2.

Sorry to ramble on here, but its frustrating that they are trying to sell this stuff - to people who are looking for real solution.

Do a search on my post, I once listed all of the nutritional info and what it does (I don’t post often).



Thank you for the insight. I used the Enlargel for one month and the first day or so I had half a hard on all day long it seemed. I am not easily sold on gimmicks, I have been PEing for awhile and know that it takes work and I got mine for free. What ingredient(s) in there would have given me that effect?

Thanks again for your time.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


I’m not sure why you had that effect, it may just be a placebo effect.

I’ve re-read this thread more carefully and found that there are lots of mis-information, both intentional and un-intentional. Either way, it will not increase the size of your penis (or I highly doubt that it will give you a stiffer one either).

I’ve visited the website with all the information and I would like to point out following claims,

1) transdermal delivery - Basically telling us that because you have to rub it in your penis, it is targetted. Well, just this statement makes me think these people doesn’t know anything about transdermal usage. Because you are rubbing it on your penis doesn’t mean that it is targetted. There is no such thing!!!! It must be absorbed into your blood system, thus it doesn’t matter where you apply the gel.

2) They do not state which Androstenedione they are using.

Here’s what each one does,

4 androstenediol (4AD or 4diol) converts to testosterone
19 nor-4-androstenediol (Nordiol) converts to nortestosterone or nandrolone
1 androstenediol (1AD) converts to 1-testosterone (dihydroboldenone)
1,4 androstenedione and 1,4 androstenediol (1,4andro or Boldione) converts to boldenone and slightly converts to estrogen (the diol version does not convert to estrogen)
5 alpha androstenediol (5AA) converts to DHT
3 beta androstenediol (3 beta) converts to DHT
3 alpha androstenediol (3 alpha) converts to DHT
4 hydroxy androstenedione converts to 4 hydroxy testosterone which is an aromatize inhibitor (blocks formation of estrogen)
7-KETO-DHEA does not convert to any active anabolic compounds
1-testosterone (1-test) is already an active compound and does not need to undergo conversion
5 androstenediol (5AD or 5diol) converts to testosterone at a very low rate and is an estrogen agonist
4 androstenedione (andro) converts to testosterone and estrone (estrogen)
19 nor-4-androstenedione (norandro) converts to nortestosterone and estrogen
DHEA converts to androstenedione and can be converted to all other hormones
Pregnenolone converts to progesterone and can be converted to all other hormones

3) Here’s another statement “Androgen precursors are substances that, when combined in a certain way under special conditions, assist the male body in the production of testosterone” - No it doesn’t. It actually decrease the testosterone production. As your body sees too much testosterone, it stop its production so that it does not overload.

4) I’ll not go into detail, but other ingredients listed will have to be in high grade, high dosage in order to be effective - not to mention toxic if taken too much. I highly doubt that there are enough ingredient in gel form for to be effective.

Although they do list the ingredient, they do not mention the weight/dosage of each ingredient. Does anyone know how much active ingredient is in each tube?

Does anyone here see a correlation between the ineffectiveness of pro-hormones (in general, for anything!), the impending ban, and a nervous and ambitious rush to make a fast buck before the shit gets pulled from the market? Goddamn, these ingredients must be getting dirt cheap about now, profits on ANY sale must be quite high:) .

Still amazed at the market longevity of some of those ingredients, they’ve been hyped, sold, tried, failed…but they just keep on going! Good for bitch tits and little balls when in the system in significant amounts, lack of those symptoms implies lack of product to a large extent.

Originally Posted by 789

Thank you for the insight. I used the Enlargel for one month and the first day or so I had half a hard on all day long it seemed.

Thanks 789, here’s me thinking it was only me.

I am not easily sold on gimmicks.

Thanks 789, here’s me thinking it was only me.

Of course I am not going to recommend Enlargel to anyone, in deference to monkeybar’s superior knowledge and considerable research into the ingredients found in this product, but I am going to take the risk and reorder another batch as soon as possible.

I really consider myself as big a sceptic as you could meet, but this is definitely the best placebo I have ever seen :nodding:

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I am amaze too. But, I probably wouldn’t worry too much about the side effect with this product as I highly doubt that there enough ingredient to do anything. I would invest in their company if they perfected manufacturing capability to include high dose of any one of their ingredient in gel form - especially since some of the billion dollar companies could’t do it.

Its fine if you think it works for you. Sometimes, the placebo effect is much greater than the actual product itself. As for myself, I consider myself a walking test machine as I took amazing amounts of products. Even now, I take stuff that I shouldn’t… If you want to talk about some kick ass supp, I took a m1t (methyl-1-test) and talk about development… Increase in lean body mass, strengh, etc. Problem with some of these are well documented, including baldness, acne, bitch tit, impotence, prostate cancer, etc. This is why these stuff is best left alone if not experienced. For example, if you don’t know what clomid is, then … Again, whatever works, works.


Originally Posted by cousin rousseau506
I really consider myself as big a sceptic as you could meet, but this is definitely the best placebo I have ever seen :nodding:

I’ll vouch that Rouss, with his now large sceptre, is a very large sceptic as one could meet in these circumcissions, err circumstances.

Is this cream, similar to what Barry Bonds (American Baseball player, closing in on home run records, and being accused of using steroids, orally, w/syringe and cream supplement) was rubbing on his body, to possibly help build up his muscles and bulk?

Rouss and 789, did the engorged feeling continue consistently afterweeks of usage?

Thank you, thank you very much.

cead mile failte :lep:

6 years later….

Is there a follow-up on this product?



I wanna know.


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